Birdhouse skateboards have landed!

Birdhouse is comprised of numerous high flying air catching rippers, Tony Hawk, Ben Raybourn and Jaws just to name a few. Birdhouse and its riders have been pushing skateboarding for over 2 decades with no foreseen stop anytime soon.

Founded in 1992 by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, Birdhouse skateboards have been consistently delivering great products as well as developing great pros. Birdhouse has put out many great videos from their early days right through now, featuring some of the biggest names in street skating and vert skating. Birdhouse was even once home to Baker’s Andrew Reynolds.

Birdhouse decks are manufactured by PS Stix. PS Stix has been in business for decades and produced millions of boards. PS Stix has a lot of pro rider input into their products so you can get exactly what a skater needs, not what someone thinks you need.

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