Boarder.Labs CalStreets Blade Park Boxing Day Sale Canada Pickup VancouverThis Boxing Day, CalStreets Boarder.Labs in Vancouver is hosting a major sale on skateboarding gear, including skateboards, fingerboarding, and surfskates, with a wide range of products suitable for both groms and pros.

The sale features significant discounts on decks, trucks, wheels, and complete setups, along with unique skate-related accessories and apparel in the gift shop section.

Additionally, tech enthusiasts can find deals on ONSRA, Evolve Eskates and Onewheels, offering a modern, electric twist to traditional skateboarding.

Remember, our Boxing Day sale isn’t just about great discounts; it’s about joining a community passionate about pushing the boundaries of skateboarding and alternative mobility. So, come down to Boarder.Labs, join the celebration with fellow skaters, and make this Boxing Day a memorable ride into the new year!

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