Inboard Electric

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Technology That Flows Inboard has designed the world’s first skateboard with motors in the wheels. From its streamlined look to its feel under foot, every detail of the M1™ is based on the idea of uninhibited flow.

WHY WOULD I WANT AN ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD? The big problem with transportation, everyone knows that short distances (between 1 and 6 Kilometers) are annoying. It’s just far enough that walking takes a lot of time, but other options aren’t ideal.

  • Time – the kind you waste in traffic and parking in a car, or finding a rack and locking your bike.
  • Space – where you fill up garages or parking lots, or room in a crowded hallway or stairwell.
  • Money – the cost of gas plus wear and tear on your car, or the potential for theft of your bike.
  • Convenience – maybe you don’t like to bike in 100 degree heat, or show up to work after a 30 minute uphill walk.
  • Energy and infrastructure – you want to stop paying for fuel, contributing to congestion, and demanding more roads and gas stations.
  • Public transit – it’s too far from where you live and work, or you have to make multiple transfers to get to your destination.


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