Shorty's Hardware

Shortys Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverCan you believe how a high school dropout could rise to such success? Well, when you pour your entire heart into something, success is hardly surprising. With just a gut feeling and 200 bucks, Shorty’s came into existence. But why Shorty’s? What does that name even signify? Back in the day, when everyone was using thick riser pads and 1.5”-2” hardware, Shorty’s was the name given to their significantly shorter hardware.

As trends shifted and people abandoned the bulky risers for a lower ride, there was no longer a need to trim down your bolts with a hacksaw. How did they manage it? Shorty’s hustled and scraped by, funding the company through sheer determination and other means (like cleaning homes—totally above board!).

One of their most iconic ads, “Rosa,” started as a playful jab, poking fun at the typical girly posters you’d find in an auto shop. They didn’t stop there, though. Shorty’s even courted controversy with an ad so bold that it was actually confiscated by Japanese customs for being too provocative.

Shorty’s rose to fame with innovations like the black magic eraser, the first pre-cut grip sheets, half-threaded small-headed hardware, and the shock pad. They stand out as one of the few skateboarding companies still owned and operated by skaters themselves.

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