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Hard to believe a high school drop out could be so successful? Hardly when your heart is in it 100%. With a gut feeling and 200 bucks, Shorty’s was born. But why Shorty’s? I mean whats that name even mean? Well, way back when, we all used to rock fat riser pads and 1.5”-2” hardware. Shorty’s was a name given to their much shorter hardware. As now, people had given up the fatty risers and were riding low. No need for your hacksaw to cut your bent bolts down anymore. How did they do it? Shorty’s scraped by and managed to put out products by working feverishly to fund the company through other means. (Cleaning homes, nothing illegal!)

Perhaps one of their most famous ad’s ”Rosa” was originally a little joke, mimicking the girlie posters one would see in an auto shop. They pushed the envelope even further with one of their ads which was actually seized by Japanese customs as they deemed it too offensive.

Shorty’s claim to fame includes the black magic eraser, first pre-cut grip sheets, half threaded small headed hardware, and the shock pad. They are one of few skater owned and run companies left in existence.

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