East Van Chopcycle Canada Online Sales VancouverEast Van Chopcyle Canada Online Sales Vancouver

Snoop Dogg’s E-Bike by Eli Varzari

SNOOP DOGG’S E-Bike by East Van Chopcycle Gold Plated Handmade 2000 Watts Electric System. 1 OF 1 CUSTOM E-BIKE BUILT FOR SNOOP DOGG. CHECK IT OUT IN HIS MUSIC VIDEO ONE BLOOD, ONE CUZZ. Previous Next BOARDER.LABS AND EASTVAN CHOPCYCLE JOIN FORCES THIS SUMMER FOR AN EXCLUSIVE COLLAB! At Eastvan Chopcycle we build custom electric bicycles. […]

Mike McGill Boosted Mini Canada online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Mike McGill (Bones Brigade) Joins Team Boosted

Boosted is excited to welcome Mike McGill to the team. Best known for inventing the McTwist, 540-degree aerial grabbing mute style. The Boosted Mini X is the stash-and-go Boosted experience you’ve been waiting for. At only 29.5 inches long, it fits perfectly under desks, in overhead storage on buses and trains, and is built for […]

Boosted Rev Scooter Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Boosted REV – Best Review Ever!

BOOSTED REV Call Us for Demo Ride BOOSTED REV’S Available BEST BOOSTED REVIEW EVER! Mitch Bergsma gives good reviews. Boosted Rev doing what it does best—being incredibly fun and easy to ride. An avid rider of his Boosted Stealth, Mitch can be found enjoying beach rides on the island of Maui when he’s not shooting […]

Buy Onewheel Bumpers Plus + XR Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup


DOES IT COME WITH A WARRANTY? Yup! We warrant that Onewheel+ will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. More information regarding our warranty can be found at onewheel.com/pages/support. IS THE BATTERY SAFE? We don’t compromise when it comes to performance or safety. We source high quality components, […]


Best Skateboards for Travel – What to Bring When Globetrotting

This one goes out to the globetrotters and frequent flyers out there, core skaters that know the hassles of bringing a board along on their travels. Getting your board through check-in, the security check point, and passed the flight attendant when boarding often comes with a disdainful eye, one that often results in inflated baggage […]

Cheap Electric Skateboards Feature

The Case Against Cheap Electric Skateboards – You Get What You Pay For

Every month, a wave of future e-skaters punch “cheap electric skateboards” into Google in the hopes of uncovering a killer deal that will have them riding uphill into the sunset with a full wallet to boot. We hope they’re wearing helmets because if they add-to-cart and click-to-purchase they’ll come rolling back down that literal and […]


Electric Skateboard Accessories You Need to Know About 2018

Whether you’ve got an e-skate on your Holiday wish list or are simply looking to ramp things up for the year ahead, there are some add-ons that will boost your performance and all around enjoyment of the best development in skateboarding since polyurethane. Let’s dive into our picks of the top electric skateboard accessories you might […]

Best E-skate to use commuting from A to B

Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting

Which are the Best E-Skates for Your Daily A to B? There is one thing that electric skateboard technology has accomplished more than any other. It has provided people with a new and viable alternative for commuting. In the past (not that long ago) a traditional skateboard didn’t always cut it when it came to […]

Electric Board Fine Vancouver Police Ticket What does the law say on motorized boards?

What does the law say on motorized boards here and globally?

What does the law say on motorized boards? KTW ARTICLE: Kamloops Busted on a Boosted? City clarifies rules on electric longboards. VANCOUVER SUN: Kitsilano rider ticketed $600 for electric skateboard. CBC NEWS: Are Electric Skateboards Vancouver’s next Transportation Flashpoint? CTV News: Electric Skateboard rider shocked by $600 fine No matter where you ride, hours of […]

Mellow Drives Carver Trucks Compatible Buy Online Canada

Are Mellow Drives compatible with Carver Trucks?

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS Mellow Drives and Carver C7 Trucks: Spring is in the air and it’s that time of year: we are looking for something new, something exciting, a change that is going to make this summer unforgettable! Compatibility is key, whether it’s a […]

Buy Mellow Electric Boards Online Canada pickup Vancouver BC

MELLOW E-DRIVES FAQ: What, When, and Why?

Can I push my Mellow in case I run out of battery out there? Yes, you can! We have gone the extra mile and used up the entire, motor developers trick bag to reduce friction and drag within the motor to a level, where you can’t notice the difference to a normal longboard wheel anymore. […]

Mellow Skateboards under the hood - Vancouver Dealer Canada Online

MELLOW E-BOARDS Under the Hood – Part 2

In our last issue we talked about the cheap  Chinese copies of the high-end Mellow Drive that are entering the market – even before the original item. This is scary, and not only for companies like Mellow that are being ripped off. It should also get the skate community thinking. There must be consequences for […]

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