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Electric Board Fine Vancouver Police Ticket What does the law say on motorized boards?

What does the law say on motorized boards here and globally?

What does the law say on motorized boards? KTW ARTICLE: Kamloops Busted on a Boosted? City clarifies rules on electric longboards. VANCOUVER SUN: Kitsilano rider ticketed $600 for electric skateboard. CBC NEWS: Are Electric Skateboards Vancouver’s next Transportation Flashpoint? CTV News: Electric Skateboard rider shocked by $600 fine No matter where you ride, hours of […]

Mellow Drives Carver Trucks Compatible Buy Online Canada

Are Mellow Drives compatible with Carver Trucks?

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS Mellow Drives and Carver C7 Trucks: Spring is in the air and it’s that time of year: we are looking for something new, something exciting, a change that is going to make this summer unforgettable! Compatibility is key, whether it’s a […]

Buy Mellow Electric Boards Online Canada pickup Vancouver BC

MELLOW E-DRIVES FAQ: What, When, and Why?

Can I push my Mellow in case I run out of battery out there? Yes, you can! We have gone the extra mile and used up the entire, motor developers trick bag to reduce friction and drag within the motor to a level, where you can’t notice the difference to a normal longboard wheel anymore. […]

Mellow Skateboards under the hood - Vancouver Dealer Canada Online

MELLOW E-BOARDS Under the Hood – Part 2

In our last issue we talked about the cheap  Chinese copies of the high-end Mellow Drive that are entering the market – even before the original item. This is scary, and not only for companies like Mellow that are being ripped off. It should also get the skate community thinking. There must be consequences for […]


How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

There are a lot of introductory questions surrounding the electric skateboard phenomenon. What are the different types? Which e-skate is most relevant to your lifestyle? Another pressing question, revolves around the cost. The latter will really help determine your next step in the purchase decision making process. As with any product of this nature, performance […]


Types of Electric Skateboards – What You Want (Need) to Know

OK, so you’ve come to the conclusion that you should get an electric skateboard. Congrats on getting on board. But now comes the confusing part. There are a lot of (perceived) options out there. You’ve seen all sorts of them cruising around town. Some look like they’ve arrived from the future (where SkyNet rules). Others […]


Should I Get an Electric Skateboard? How to Know When an E-Skate is for You

Should I get an electric skateboard? Uh yeah, of course. Sorry for the quick suspense kill, but there’s no need to beat around the bush here. That being said, you need reasons, right? We’ve got them. Whether you’re putting together your wish list (for the holidays, etc.) or treating yourself to something special this year (you deserve […]

Mellow Killian Green featured image

Mellow Visits The Labs – Killian Green Mellows Out

Killian Green talks about Mellow: While the “hoverboard” craze seems to have run into a few issues, there is no question that electric skateboards are gaining in popularity. But electric skateboards are significantly more complex than traditional skateboards. They present unprecedented challenges for both the mechanical components and the electronics that make them work. [button […]

How to clean your electric skateboard


DOWNLOAD EVOLVE  MANUAL CLICK HERE TOP 14 TIPS & TRICKS EVOLVE GT E-SKATE MAINTENANCE: How to get the best performance out of your battery – Bamboo and Carbon series. There are two main factors that will get you the best battery life: 1. There is a sweet spot on the board for best efficiency. To […]

Vancouver - Canada's Largest Electric Skateboard Dealer Boosted, InBoard, Mellow, Evolve and more

Electric Skateboards Power To The People

People skateboard for many different reasons. Some enjoy the freedom and some enjoy the exercise – both physical and mental. But for more than 50 years, skaters have challenged the idea that you could only push with your own power. Gasoline-powered skateboards were available as far back as 1965, and back in the 1970s, Canadian […]

Boosted Electric Skateboard Vancouver Authorized Dealer

2016 Boosted V2 Arrives in Vancouver

BREAKING NEWS: SECOND GENERATION BOOSTED ELECTRIC BOARD SPECIFICATIONS A high-density city, campus or neighborhood is a great place to live and work, but it can be a frustrating place to get around. From congestion to limited space to bike thieves, many factors make transportation slower, more expensive and less fun. We’re focused on building simple, […]

Boosted Electric VS Evolve Electric Skateboard - The winner is..

Boosted Board vs. Evolve Carbon GT Which is better?

Here’s the video that everyone has been waiting for! The battle of the electric skateboards. Evolve Carbon GT vs. Boosted Board. This is a great comparison video to help you decide which one to buy. Both of them have their pros and cons and its up to you to choose! I love going out and…

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