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Best Skateboards for Travel – What to Bring When Globetrotting

Best Skateboards for Travel - Best Skateboard to Travel With

This one goes out to the globetrotters and frequent flyers out there, core skaters that know the hassles of bringing a board along on their travels.

Getting your board through check-in, the security check point, and passed the flight attendant when boarding often comes with a disdainful eye, one that often results in inflated baggage fees and in some cases flat out denial.

But the thought of not having your skateboard with you at your destination sucks. Who wants to take an Uber from the hotel to the beach (etc.) when they can skate? Some of us even buy a board at their destination so that have a set of wheels, which further inflates the cost, especially if you have to cough up extra dough to get it back home.

Sound familiar? Well, before you get your next passport stamp, have a look at a few boards that you may considering adding to your quiver. Below, we detail perfect travel companions that help you hurdle the inconveniences of globetrotting with a skateboard.

4 Hassle-Free Skateboards to Bring on Your Flights and Travels

Penny Skateboard

Size matters when it comes to flying with a skateboard, which is why Penny Skateboards are among your best bets for getting to your final destination without any hassle whatsoever. Coming in at just 22″, the tough as nails Original Penny size will fit in your carry-on while leaving room for your iPad, snacks, magazines, and whatever else you need to bide the time while flying coach. View our inventory of 22″ Penny boards. But don’t worry if you want to take a Penny yet need some extra volume when riding, because the 27″ version (aka the “Nickel”) will fit in your overhead compartment with ease. View our inventory of 27″ Penny boards.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Who doesn’t want to bring an electric skateboard along on their travels? Having one with you can mitigate the dependance on sketchy foreign transit systems, ride share services, taxis, and expensive car rentals. However, the prospect of checking-in with one, given all of the electronics, seems fruitless. Well, not when you board the plane with an Inboard M1.

Inboard Technology has developed the M1 and PowerShift Battery to be compliant with applicable laws for flying within Canada, the US, and internationally. Inboard has provided some very clear tips to flying with their e-skate. You may have to check the 37.5″ board in on some airlines, but all that matters here is that you can indeed bring it. You just have to keep your PowerShift battery with you in your carry-on luggage, so don’t forget to detach it beforehand. Also take note that FAA regulations state that you can travel with one primary battery, and two spare batteries, which is totally reasonable. View more on the Inboard M1.

Carver Skateboards (select)

Looking for a high quality surf-skate to cruise and carve the streets and sidewalks of your favorite destination? Carver boards come in a wide variety of sizes that make them travel friendly.

Carry-on tolerance usually comes down to how laid back the check-in staff is, or how full the plane is, but a board such as the Carver Tye Stick which comes in at 25.5″ won’t cause much fuss as a carry on. Another “short board” option is the Carver X Bureo “The Ahi” CX Mini which comes in Raw Black Grip and Raw Ocean Grip. What’s great about this board, is that even if the 27-inches doesn’t get a pass from airline staff, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your board will be safer from dings and damage when checked-in. Made from recycled fishing nets, the tough plastic-esque deck is one of the most durable and rigid on the market.

24″ Mini Cruisers (various)

Friendly airline staff often allow skateboard length to exceed carry-on luggage dimensions by a couple of inches. This is because short (27″ and under) skateboards can be laid across the top of traditional carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment. However, some popular airlines actually allow more breathing room. Southwest Airlines (for those of you flying south of the Canadian border) allows a 24″ length, as does Virgin America, along with a slew of overseas carriers with larger planes and an equally larger cabin cargo capacity. This is where our quiver of mini-cruisers will come in handy. A few fun travel companions include this Powell Peralta Mini Ripper, the Landyachtz Mini Dinghy, the Rayne Mini Cruiser, and others that land in the same size dimension. And even if they don’t get a pass as a carry on, at just 24″ these sturdy skateboard completes will easily tuck in between your layers of socks and underwear within your check-in luggage.

Always remember to check with the airline of your choice before flying so that you can decide whether or not you will need to carry-on or check-in your skateboard. Whichever the case, the above boards will make travel a breeze, and will have you feeling right at home when riding the terrain of any city or town you journey to in the months ahead.


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