Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards Misfits Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverZERO emerged in the skate scene with its bold debut in the Toy Machine video “Welcome to Hell,” quickly evolving from a shirt brand to a board company.

In the early ’90s, when skateboarding was dominated by technical but slow tricks, ZERO, led by Jamie Thomas, introduced a raw, fearless style of skating gaps and rails with unprecedented naturalness.

This shift led to a trend of black hoodies and studded belts as skaters emulated ZERO’s aggressive approach.

The brand, starting as a small garage operation, significantly impacted skate culture with just two videos, becoming a leading name by the millennium.

Despite the rise of new brands and changes in the industry, ZERO has continued to influence the skate world, delivering impactful content 20 years after its inception.

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Showing all 2 results