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Fingerjam is a Fingerboard Contest event born out of necessity. Back in the spring of 2015, Cal Streets owner and former Sims Freestyler Rick Tetz and Canadian fingerboard enthusiast/manufacture Adam Longair started talking.

Fingerjam needed to happen. But unlike other events / contests, this one was going to be for all the locals who have only ever had the chance to view them from behind a computer.

Fingerjam is an event like no other. Edgy and more intense, while still a relaxing fun time. Our unique contest style of the first event is going to take the top 4 participants with the best runs and have a mini tournament with head to head skate games. SEE FINGERBOARD CONTEST VIDEO

Come ride our blade Fingerboard park FREE & hosted at the labs.

CalSTreets Skateshop Fingerboard Fingerjam

We have our FINGERBOARD DEPT instore and stock fingerdecks, trucks, wheels, grip, build it yourself, professional and Artist Series Finger Boards!

For the skater whose exhausted from a long day of riding, but can’t get the sick tricks out of their head!

Great for visualizing tricks or just having fun/killing time. Though tiny, they are super durable to handle even the gnarliest of finger flips and grinds.

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