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Boosted is excited to welcome Mike McGill to the team. Best known for inventing the McTwist, 540-degree aerial grabbing mute style.

The Boosted Mini X is the stash-and-go Boosted experience you’ve been waiting for. At only 29.5 inches long, it fits perfectly under desks, in overhead storage on buses and trains, and is built for riders who are always on the move.

The new custom-designed composite deck provides a wide, stable standing platform. In addition, it features a Deep Dish concave shape for superior control. The kicktail design allows for quick pivoting in close quarters and lets you “float” over road imperfections.

All Boosted boards are purpose-built from the ground up for the rigors of electric skating. We took care of the details so you can enjoy the ride!

BOOSTED HAS CEASED OPERATION and Products have been discontinued. Sorry No Warranty available. PRODUCT ARCHIVED.

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Showing all 3 results