WALTZ The Freestyle Company

Waltz the Freestyle Company Canada Pickup VancouverYo, check it out! Waltz Skateboarding, straight up created by world pro freestyle skater Mike Osterman and Daniel Trujillo, is where it’s at!

We’re a community of skaters who are all about having a blast on our boards, no matter if you’re a shredding flatland or just focusing on 360’s.

Waltz Skateboarding is all about keeping the radness of freestyle skateboarding alive and embracing all the quirks that come with it. 

Freestyle skateboarding is a classic style of skateboarding from the 70s. Freestyle emphasizes technical flat ground skateboarding and often only requires a board and a smooth surface. Professional freestyle routines have always incorporated music and choreography. Let’s get weird and keep the stoke alive!

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results