Grindking Skate Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupStep into the world of skateboarding history with the legendary brand Grind King. Born from the vibrant subculture of Venice and Dogtown, Grind King emerged in 1988 thanks to the visionary Donald Cassel.

It was Donald who revolutionized skateboarding with the invention of the high-performance inverted kingpin – a game-changing design that took grinding to a whole new level. This innovation, aptly dubbed the “Grinding Kingpin,” became the cornerstone of the brand, leading to the concise and impactful name we know today: GrindKing.

As time marched on, Donald’s ingenuity didn’t stop there. He continued to churn out successful skate hardware innovations, cementing his reputation as an industry trailblazer. In 1990, the world witnessed the unveiling of the very first GrindKing truck – a groundbreaking moment that reshaped skateboarding and set new standards for excellence.

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