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HAIL ALL! Welcome to Witchcraft, join the coven and come to the Sabbat. Witchcraft is seen by those outside the sect as an organization with no purpose other than to prey on other Kindred and consume their vitae through Diablerie and to spread of dissension and rebellion throughout the younger members of Kindred society.

It’s members are seen by other Kindred as callous and vicious brutes who place no value on Kindred existence, let alone human life, and seem to revel in releasing the Beast during frenzy. They are entrenched in the shredding, carrying on bizarre and unspeakable rituals unseen by outsiders.

Rumors and mistruths do indeed abound concerning the shredding, often fueled by the sect itself to prevent the Camrailla from learning too much. Most of these can be dismissed, although some of hold a ring of truth. Shredding is the only truth, the only way.

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