Buy Scumco&Sons Fucoff Skatestop Removal Set Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverSCUMCO & Sons press all their skateboards at skater-owned and operated Pennswood Mfg. in Oil City, Pennsylvania, using Canadian and American maple.

Scumco and Sons are a great choice for you and your son (if you have one that is)! Fear not, these boards are female compatible as well! Scumco makes boards in both the popsicle stick and shaped deck variety. They are a strict seven ply maple construction company.

With fun odd graphics and a shot gun blast of sizes, they are sure to have something you like. They also have some pretty bitchin stains! Who doesn’t love a good stained deck? Drilled exclusively for new school trucks, your 80’s parts may not work. Heat transferred graphics for your added pleasure.

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