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Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting

Best E-skate to use commuting from A to BWhich are the Best E-Skates for Your Daily A to B?

There is one thing that electric skateboard technology has accomplished more than any other. It has provided people with a new and viable alternative for commuting.

In the past (not that long ago) a traditional skateboard didn’t always cut it when it came to day to day transport to and from work or school. There were a variety of reasons for this. For some, an uphill climb in one direction simply didn’t make taking a board with you all that convenient. For others, showing up to one’s destination sweating and with scuffed shoes didn’t fit office or shop floor protocol. And some of you simply were not confident enough in your board riding ability to feel comfortable pushing concrete next to cars, bikes, and pedestrians. These are all reasonable excuses (for some) not to use a traditional skateboard for day to day transportation.

But that was then, this is now.

Electric skateboards have opened up a world of opportunity when it comes to getting from A to B to C and beyond, but not just any e-skate will do. As Canada’s premier electric skateboard retailer, we know first hand which battery powered planks will get you safely to and from your destination. Let’s see which motorized boards make the most sense for your unique commuting needs.

5 High Performance Electric Skateboards That You Can Use for Your Daily Commute


Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting Lectric

This is an awesome option for commuters looking for an entry level e-skate. But entry level here has nothing to do with performance, because Lectric delivers a high octane board through and through. What makes it such a great option for those looking for a day to day electric board for the first time is the price. With a buy-in for under 1K (currently $929 at press) you won’t find a lower cost option that can get you where you need to be at a top speed of 23 mph.

The board comes with two modes. Eco mode makes sense for those cruisy days when you didn’t hit the snooze alarm 5 times before leaving your home, whereas ludicrous mode is for when you’re running late for that 9 AM meeting. View complete specs on the Lectric LS Dual Motor e-skate.


Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting Evolve

This premium board is for those of you who take your skating as seriously as your day at the office. That doesn’t mean you’re not having fun, but you find enjoyment in staying far ahead of the curve, be it on the road or in the boardroom.

This Evolve edition makes a statement from the moment you leave your condo. It has been atheistically designed for success, from the sleek bamboo deck and laser cut grip-tape to the 3000 watt motors with a gold finish. You can cruise up to Wall Street (or whatever Vancouver version is) in this bad boy and put those Aston Martin drivers to shame.

The motor was built to provide you with the options you need, no matter what the path throws in your direction on any given day. There is a Slow, Eco, Fast, and GT mode but there’s even more. Because this board combines the best of the GTX Street and GTX All Terrain, you can simply pop off the 7” all-terrain rims, and put street wheels on in their place, or vice versa. View more on the Evolve Bamboo GTX 2 in 1 electric skateboard.

Boosted DUAL+ 2nd Generation

Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting Boosted

While all of the boards on this list provide superior performance on most commuting conditions, the Boosted really does impress.  The standard battery provides for a 6-7 mile range, making it perfect for shorter commutes, while the extended battery provides up to 12 miles of range, should your school or place of work be located even further away. With the Boosted Dual+, you have access even more power, delivering a 22 mph top speed and an ability to ascend up to a 25% gradient – the latter of which you will really appreciate if your commute includes an uphill climb! View more on the second coming of the Boosted Dual+ electric skateboard.


Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting

Does your commute have you leaving before the break of dawn, or coming back at dusk to later? Then this is the board for you. The Inboard M1 is the only electric skateboard with built-in LED headlights and taillights, providing you with high visibility through every single minute of the 24-hr day, something you’ll need if you plan on riding at its top speed of 22 mph. This board also boasts a 7-mile range (single charge), has a splash resistant rating of IP54, and includes riding modes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced so that you can progress as you get used to this board on your daily commute. View more on the Inboard M1.


Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting Mellow

Already have a favorite longboard (or a quiver) that you would love to take with you on your daily commute? Well, technology can make that happen too, thanks to the folks at the Mellow Drive institute!

The Mellow Drive + Double Drive Kit comes with everything you need to complete the deck/s of your choice. All you need to do is provide a deck (w/grip), assemble the components, and you’re ready to hit the streets. Each Drive is water/dust proof, and integrates dual regenerative braking which you’ll appreciate when navigating the at-times tumultuous streets of Greater Vancouver (or again, wherever you may be). The drive systems also connect to the Mellow Drive App, which allows you to optimize your daily commuting experience by providing you with valuable data, including state of charge, mileage and top speed, range and mode, and more. You’ll soon be on the way to making your commute more efficient than ever before! View more on this groundbreaking e-skate system.

If you have any questions about buying an electric skateboard, before you make the investment, simply contact us at your convenience and we’ll put you on the path towards the best commuting option, for you.

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