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Electric Skateboard Accessories You Need to Know About 2018

Electric Skateboard Accessories

Whether you’ve got an e-skate on your Holiday wish list or are simply looking to ramp things up for the year ahead, there are some add-ons that will boost your performance and all around enjoyment of the best development in skateboarding since polyurethane. Let’s dive into our picks of the top electric skateboard accessories you might want to add to your budding quiver.

Top 5 E-Skate Accessories to Buy in 2018

Evolve R2 Remote

Electric Skateboard Accessories

In stock for the new year (depending on when you’re reading this) is the latest remote control technology on the market. The Evolve R2 allows you to intuitively control the board while riding through practically any scenario.  The remote’s magnetic trigger control operates along with 2.4G communication to deliver precise and safe handling on the terrain. Cool and highly functional features include an LCD digital screen which provides real time riding data (speed, distance, and diagnostics), four speed modes, and ergonomic design for ultimate hand comfort – carpal tunnel be damned! Better yet, the Evolve R2 remote is compatible with the GT Series, GTX Series, and the ONE Series using V1 and V2 motor controllers. If you own an Evolve board, this is without a doubt a “must have” accessory. View more on the Evolve R2 Remote.

Shredlights eSk8 Tail lights (water resistant)

Electric Skateboard Accessories

Looking to become the coolest night rider since David Hasselhoff? Forget the perm, all you need to do is install a set of Shredlights Lights to your board and you’ll be turning heads at top speed. Not only have ShredLights defined the cutting edge of skateboard illumination, they are the only removable ones (USB charged) on the market. And don’t worry about those rainy days or pesky puddles, as ShredLights are full on water resistant. The illuminators are compatible with Boosted 1st and 2nd Gen, Evolve GTX and GT (w/additional Spacer Kit), and other hub drive / belt drive motors. View more on the Shredlights eSk8 Tail Lights.

Premium Street Wheels

Electric Skateboard Accessories

A new set of high-quality street wheels will add new life to your e-skate.

If you ride an Evolve electric skateboard, including the Carbon GT, Bamboo GT, GTX and ONE board then you’ll want to have a good look at these F1 107mm ABEC 11 street wheels. In a collaboration with Abec 11 and their super soft Reflex Formula 74a, Evolve has delivered a set that provides you with a buttery ride all the while allowing you to unlock faster top speeds thanks to the larger wheel diameter of the F1. And for those of you that roll with a Boosted Board and want to reignite the flame that the bright orangatang toned set brings, you can do so right here.

Premium ALL TERRAIN Wheels

Electric Skateboard Accessories

If you’re an all-terrain kinda’ guy/gal then these Blue Roadies will catch your eye while dismissing debris on the ground as you cruise with style and performance. With this set, Evolve has taken the best from pneumatic skateboard tires, and packaged it all together with the due-diligence of premium electric skateboard design. What they’ve delivered are strong sidewalls for more tire strength at lower pressures, a long-lasting brawny compound rubber, and a tread pattern to provide the smoothest ride possible.

Board Bumper Motor Bumpers

Electric Skateboard Accessories

WuTang tells you to protect ya’ neck but BoarderLabs insists that you protect your deck (and motor)!

While Evolve is a great e-skate brand, there is one issue that used to keep proud owners on edge – the fact that you couldn’t rest the board on its tail without exposing the motor to potential harm. Then of course there is always the chance that those sharing the road with you may not abide by the law of the concrete and bump into your fine ride with their Razor Big Wheel scooter. Well, that is about to become a concern of the past, now that you can add Board Bumpers motor bumpers to the tail end of your Evolve GT and GTX street motor. BB is working on bumper options for other electric skateboards so be sure to stay tuned as we update you on that progress. Pre-order your bumpers (available in a rainbow array of colors) right here.

BoarderLabs / CalStreets has a wide variety of electric skateboard accessories, including a full range of battery packs, e-skate tools, remotes, and much more. View the complete lineup here or simply contact us if looking for something specific for your electric skateboard set-up.

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