Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool Black Silver



Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool Black Silver


The Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool will make your life a whole lot easier with all of these aspects!

With your brand new premium Evolve Electric Skateboard, you will need a premium tool to handle all the tasks of any adjustments on your board. This Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool is the perfect example. This tool comes equipped with everything you will ever need to fine tune and adjust your Evolve board to its finest, with a great amount of ease!

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The Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool allows you to make any adjustments to your Evolve on the go with ease!

The Evolve Premium Silver Skate Tool is the only tool you will ever need. Silver took the simple, functional elegance of the Unit tool and added a slimmer tool arm for the mounting bolt adjustment wrench. This minor change makes it easier for the tool to reach bolts that are set back on the trucks’ baseplate, directly below the trucks’ hanger. Add to that a built-in ratcheting mechanism that allows you to tighten your bolts without using excessive force. As a result, you’ve got a simple tool that assists you only matched by more heavy-duty power tools.


  • Hardware Ratchet
  • Allen Key
  • Precision Grip File
  • Slide out screwdriver
  • Detachable Allen Key

The Bamboo GTX Series has the power and performance features of the GT Carbon Series, but with the hugely popular flexible bamboo deck. As a result, it’s the ultimate longboard with unrivaled electric performance. Gold 3000 watts of on-demand dual brush-less sensored motor power, all new 97mm Evolve GT Street Wheels for increased speed, massive lithium battery for the longest ride time possible, the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves, LCD screen digital remote and a comfortable and flexible bamboo deck pimped with laser cut grip tape! In conclusion, this is the perfect combination of style and ability. In addition, the Bamboo GTX Series is the insanely awesome carving machine. As a result, this is perfect for the wood deck loyalist who wants maximum performance!


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