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Evolve Skateboard Alternative | The ONSRA Challenger

Onsra E skateboards Canada Pickup Sale VancouverOnsra E skateboards Canada Pickup Sale Vancouver

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You’re online and searching for an Evolve Skateboard alternative. Perhaps you’ve owned one in the past and found it simply wasn’t for you. Maybe it wasn’t accommodating to the terrain and riding conditions that you frequently find yourself in. Alternatively, you may pride yourself in discovering new innovations in outdoor tech and want to invest in the evolution of electric skateboarding. Whatever the case may be, you know what you want and don’t want. So which electric skateboard brand can step up to the challenge? The aptly named ONSRA Challenger. Let’s review what makes this new arrival to Canada’s eSkate scene so exciting!

Onsra Challenger Direct Drive Electric Skateboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Why The ONSRA Challenger is the True Evolution of Electric Skateboarding in Canada

Drive Alternatives Evolved

The ONSRA Challenger is available with a Belt Drive and a Direct Drive. This gives you options when it comes to riding style and comfort level.

Typically, a belt drive system offers premium acceleration, braking, hill climbing torque, and durability along with being very accommodating to repairs and customizations. These benefits normally come at the expense of peace and quiet – as belt drive systems are often quite loud. A direct drive system offers free-roll capability, while the eSkate is typically much quieter, lighter, low maintenance, and provided at a lower cost for greater overall efficiency.

What sets the ONSRA Challenger apart, is that whether you opt for the Belt Drive or the Direct Drive you will enjoy the same top speed and range of 47km/h (29 mph) and 34km (21 miles) respectively. Each can handle hill climbs up to 35% grade, for good measure. Moreover, the Belt Drive is not as loud as traditional eSkates with belt systems. Users report a negligible audible difference between the ONSRA Challenger Belt and Direct Drive when cruising through the bustle of their urban oases. Better yet, you don’t have to sacrifice riding preference for price as both are being offered at BoarderLabs Canada for a very affordable $1,889.88 CAD (at press – subject to change).

Onsra Challenger Direct Drive Electric Skateboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Pumps and Carves Like a Surfskate

With most kicktail eSkates out there, a rider is essentially able to point and shoot and do some solid turns. But understanding the meteoric rise of the surf-skate style, ONSRA knows that modern eSkate riders want to pump and carve with the best of them. Armed with 13-inch super carve trucks and Onsra 105mm 78a shock-absorbing Cloudwheels, the ONSRA Challenger Belt and Direct Drive lets you release your inner concrete (and other terrain) wave rider.

Finally! A Water Resistant eSkate in Canada

Despite impressive performance, other eSkate brands have been a bit of a drip when it comes to water resistance. In Canadian regions that receive a lot of rain (i.e. the entire West Coast) it can put a damper on the eSkate experience. The same goes with Northern and Eastern communities which contend with weeks upon weeks of snowmelt runoff in the streets. This is where the ONSRA Challenger reigns above the competition. Both the Belt Drive and Direct Drive boast a water resistance rating of IP65.

For the uninitiated, an IP rating tells consumers about the level of protection electrical hardware offers against both solids and liquids. The “IP” denotes “Ingress Protection” and is followed by two numbers. The first number indicates the level of protection against solid particles (dust, dirt, etc.) and ranges from 1 to 6. The second number rates how much water hardware can handle without suffering damage and is ranked from 1 to 8. The higher the number, the better the protection. When it comes to electric skateboards, which are exposed to water much more than a typical device (smartphone, etc.) it doesn’t get much better than an IP water resistance rating of IP65.

Groundbreaking 2-Year Warranty

“In the unlikely event of a defect, Evolve Skateboards warrants to the original user that our Evolve electric skateboard shall be free from all defects in material and workmanship for TWELVE MONTHS from the date of purchase.” (Evolve)

One-year is cool. It’s what you expect from other electric skateboard brands out there. But that’s not good enough as far as the ONSRA Challenger is concerned. ONSRA is so confident in their eSkate that they have doubled-down on the industry standard to instead offer a 2-year warranty worldwide! Their confidence gives you confidence that you’ve chosen the right electric skateboard for your experience – no matter how hard you may ride.


Clearly, ONSRA has been able to evolve skateboard technology unlike any other eSkate brand available on the Canadian market. This is without a doubt the alternative you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose BoarderLabs for Your ONSRA Challenger Purchase

BoarderLabs has the best selection of ONSRA electric skateboards and accessories in the country. We also provide unmatched customization/configuration options and customer support should you not know exactly what you want. Lastly, we offer FREE ONSRA shipping across Canada.

Now that you know which ONSRA you should buy and where you should buy it from, there’s only one thing left to do – start shopping!

Contact BoarderLabs Canada if you have any additional questions.

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