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Best Surfskate for Beginners 2023

Best Surfskate Brands Canada

You’ve caught the surfskate bug and you’re ready to catch the concrete wave at your local beach park, parking lot, or pump track. There’s just one potential problem – you’ve only ridden a surfskate a handful of times. Perhaps not at all. Whatever the case may be, you’re on the hunt for an authentic surfskate that is accommodating to novices yet allows room for growth as you get comfortable with the board. You’ve researched the best surfskate brands, but now need to know which cruisers among them are best suited to your skill level. That’s what BoarderLabs Canada is here for. Below is a breakdown of our picks of the best surfskates for beginners for the season ahead.

5 Recommended Surfskates for Beginners Based on Experience, Style, and Budget

For the Transitioning Surfer

YOW Huntington Surfskate| Buy Online

Best Surfskate for Beginners 2022-23

The classification of “surfskate beginner” is different for a surfer. You (a surfer) have already developed the core strength, balance, and reaction time needed for faster rides along with sharper turns and carves than a true novice. As such, you’re ready to be thrown into deeper water with the YOW Huntington Surfskate. As one of YOW’s top-selling models, The Huntington 30-inch board boasts a short wheel base (17″) which makes it more reactive, while the medium concave helps keep your feet well locked to the board. As an intermediate surfer transitioning into a beginner surfskater you get the best of both worlds. Plus, given that you’re accustomed to surfboard prices, you’re OK with paying a premium for entry into the surfskate scene. The YOW Huntington Surfskate is currently priced at $388 (subject to change) and is worth every loonie.

For the Traditional Skater

Santa Cruz x Carver Flame Dot Surfskate| Buy Online

Best Surfskate for Beginners 2022-23

Like a surfer, an intermediate skater who wants to transition from a traditional skateboard has a headstart as a newbie surfskater. You already know what it’s like to feel 7-plies of maple, a wheelbase, and truck system under your feet. And while a skateboarder can’t go wrong with any Carver brand surfskate, we’re feeling especially warm and fuzzy about their new Santa Cruz collaboration line. Santa Cruz is a trusted name in traditional skateboarding, and Carver is the bees-knees in the surfskating scene. Their Santa Cruz X Craver Flame Dot 31.5-inch complete is the entry-level board you need. The CX Surfskate trucks offer exceeding stability as you work out the transition from traditional riding, yet will allow you to grow into progressive airs, reverses, snappy turns, and more. The Santa Cruz X Carver Flame Dot is currently priced at $289.95 (subject to change) which is a real bargain for beginners.

For the Beginner Who’s in it for the Long Haul

YOW Byron Bay Surfskate| Buy Online

Best Surfskate for Beginners 2022-23

This recommendation is for pure beginners, but those who are committed to the surfskate life. You demand a surfskate that will feel comfortable underfoot, yet offers premium construction to ensure that it lasts despite the bumps and bruises that it will take on your journey. Furthermore, you want a surfskate that allows you to evolve from beginner to intermediate and beyond. Because of this desire, you’re also not afraid to invest in a premium model. Once again we refer you to YOW.

The YOW Byron Bay is the brand’s best-selling Classic Series board for good reason. It’s attractive to beginners who want a cruisy surfskate due to its comfortable length (38-inches) and width (10.5-inches). The cork deck top is equally snug, allowing you to hit the nearest beach path for a barefoot session, shoes and slippers be damned! As you get accustomed to riding, you can practice cross-stepping, wider turns, and even nose rides thanks not just to the large surface area, but the super long 25-inch wheel base. Moreover, the board is mounted with a Meraki system and Ura wheels for a smooth ride in most terrains. The YOW Byron Bay surfskate is currently priced at $388.

For the Casual Beginner

Penny High Line Surfskate | Buy Online

Best Surfskate for Beginners 2022-23

Just because you’re interested in a surfskate doesn’t mean you’re beholden to the lifestyle. Maybe you only plan to take it out a couple of times a week, or month. The latter is especially likely once Canada’s weather takes a seasonal turn. Whatever the case may be, casual beginners need a board with a low cost of entry, without sacrificing enjoyment and quality.

Known for their durable construction and budget-friendly pricing, Penny Skateboards has taken the same quality components that we have all come to love, and combined them with patented front truck design into a 29-inch concrete wave machine that rides like a dream. Save some bucks without losing caliber with the $229.95 (subject to change) Penny High-Line Surfskate for beginners.

When You’re Buying it for Someone Else as a Surprise

Landyachtz Groveler Surfskate | Buy Online

Best Surfskate for Beginners 2022-23

If you’re online and searching “best surfskate for beginners” you may be doing the research (and subsequent purchase) for someone else as a gift. If so, you really don’t want to blow it. There’s nothing to worry about when you roll with the Landyachtz Groveler. Landyachtz is Canada’s most trusted name in longboards. As a result, their transition into the country’s surfskate marketplace is only logical. The Groveler model in particular provides a wide and flat platform. Riders attain a ton of leverage over the sturdy trucks for deep turns and sharp carves despite a lack of experience. The Banger Surf Skate and RKP front truck combo is completed with an elite set 65mm Surf Hawgs wheels for a smooth and grippy cruise. With a very reasonable $239.95 buy-in (subject to change) you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift for your beginner surfskater.

Now that you know which surfskate you should buy and where you should buy it from, there’s only one thing left to do – start shopping!  Contact BoarderLabs Canada if you have any additional questions.

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