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Which Onewheel Should I Buy?

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Are you considering a more efficient way to commute? Are you on the hunt for a new recreational vessel? More likely it’s some combination of the two. Whatever the case may be you want an electric road-warrior that delivers performance, aesthetic, and is built to last. This is why you’re looking for a Onewheel. However, this isn’t 2015 (when the Onewheel was released). To date there are more options than you ever imagined. While it’s great to have choices, it does make your purchase decision more challenging. These supreme machines come in a variety of speeds, ranges, and other key performance indicators, not to mention colors and fits for accessories. They are even customizable, which adds another layer to your deliberation.

Which Onewheel should you buy? The answer lies within which Onewheel is best for YOU. But before you can determine that, there are important lifestyle things to consider. Below is a look at key questions to ask yourself before choosing your new Onewheel.

5 Questions to Answer that Will Help You Choose the Best Onewheel for Your Lifestyle

1. What Will You Use it For?

For the weekend warrior, it’s less about range (although it’s still important) and more about performance, no matter what you throw at it. If this is you, you demand a Onewheel that excels wherever you take it on any given Saturday, be it pavement, grass, dirt, gravel, or a sandy beach. This is where the Onewheel Plus + XR rolls on to the scene. This machine features a range of 12-18 miles (19-29 km) and boasts a top speed of 19mph (30 kph) so that you can move and flex from one adventure to the next. View XR custom options to tailor the ride to your preferences.

For the daily commuter, it really depends upon how far the office and errand destinations are from your pad. If you’re in one of Canada’s live-work-play communities the PINT 6-8-mile option is right up your alley. If you’ve got further distances to travel each week, then we suggest a move up to the PINT X 18-mile rider.

Then there are those who fall in the “all of the above” category. You’re looking to Onewheel to enhance your quality of life in every way, which is why you plan on using it every day for both work and hardcore play. To cover all bases, there is only one Onewheel to roll with, the masterful GT. The 3-horsepower Onewheel GT reaches 32kph speeds and a mind-blowing range of 52km.

>2. What is Your Age / Fitness Level?

Onewheels are built for everyone, but there are things to consider. For instance, age and fitness level will help determine what kind of weight you can handle when it comes to carrying it. The weight of the GT is 35 lbs, which is significantly heavier when compared with the XR and the PINT X which are just 27 lbs, or the PINT which is 23 lbs. Age and fitness level also factor into speed, so if you’re not comfortable in maintaining balance at high-speeds then the PINT (which travels at speeds up to 16mph) may be preferred to the high-octane GT.

3. Will Anyone Else in Your Household Use it?

If you’ve got kids (teens), siblings, roommates, partners, or companions that share your household you may be called upon to share your Onewheel too. You’ll certainly have a hard time keeping them off of it when they see how much fun you’re having. Assuming you trust them with your investment, we suggest the PINT X which is a solid rider that hits the proverbial sweet spot when it comes to price, performance, and practicality.

4. Will You Travel With It?

Leave no Onewheel behind when it comes to travel. Your electric recreational vehicle will allow you to get more out of the vacation destinations you visit. The more adventurous your’s are, the more you require from your Onewheel, which leads to the GT model. With the aforementioned 32kph speed and 52km range you’ll rarely have to worry about getting stranded on the side of some foreign road. Given that it also features concave front and rear footpads and aggressive grip tape for better comfort, control, and traction, those roads can be off-the-beaten path.

Now we know what you’re thinking. At 35 lbs won’t the GT be uncomfortable to travel with? Not when you custom order your GT to include Mag Handles + Pro which offer easy-carry options. For the less adventurous traveler who still wants to go the distance, consider the lighter weight (27 lbs) PINT X also provides the range and speed to help you explore more.

5. What is Your Budget?

Lastly, is a primary consideration for many – price. While you should look at your Onewheel as an investment that enhances your overall quality of life, you may only have so much room in your pocketbook. For those on a tight budget, the near $1500 PINT is the way to go. That said, for an extra $400 investment you gain significantly more miles/km and range by rolling with the PINT XBoarderLabs has partnered up with Paybright so you can now also finance your ride!

Why Choose BoarderLabs for Your Onewheel Purchase?

BoarderLabs has the best selection of Onewheels & accessories in the country. We also provide unmatched customization / configuration options and customer support should you not know exactly what you want. Lastly, we offer FREE Onewheel shipping across Canada.

Now that you know which Onewheel you should buy and where you should buy it from, there’s only one thing left to do – start shopping! Contact BoarderLabs Canada if you have any additional questions.

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