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Unleash the Thrill with Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Onsra Velar Eskate Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver Boarder.Labs Esk8 Garage

If you’re on the hunt for an electric skateboard that’s a true game-changer, your search ends here. The Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete is a beast waiting to be unleashed, ready to provide you with the riding experience you’ve always dreamed of. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into what makes the Velar stand out from the crowd and why it’s a top-tier choice for both new and seasoned riders.

The Velar: A Marvel of Design and Durability

The Onsra Velar features a sleek design crafted from robust carbon fiber, ensuring durability during your daily rides. Its low flex design offers unparalleled stability at high speeds, while the concave shape provides enhanced control for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Unleash the Thrill with Onsra Velar

One standout feature of the Velar is its 4mm shock-absorbing griptape, which not only enhances comfort but also resists water, adding an extra layer of protection and vibration absorption. The high-quality fiberglass design of the segmented battery enclosure perfectly complements the carbon fiber deck, ensuring your ride remains electrifying without any risk to the electronics.

But here’s the kicker: the Velar boasts an impressive IP65 water resistance rating, thanks to meticulous engineering by Onsra. With silicone sealing and water-tight connectors, this skateboard is your ticket to riding confidently in various weather conditions.

Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Velar Ride: Unleash the Speed and Agility

What truly sets the Velar apart are the premium components meticulously chosen to offer stability and confidence in every ride. Whether you’re into long, deep carving or prefer short, sharp adventures, the carbon fiber deck delivers a sublime experience underfoot. Paired with 200mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels, the Velar becomes a cheetah unleashed – super fast, grippy, and smooth. It’s responsive, nimble, and capable of conquering hills and trails with ease.

But that’s not all – the Velar’s unique carbon deck shape allows riders to effortlessly switch from street to all-terrain wheels. Say goodbye to the need for two separate boards and embrace the best of both worlds.

Super Wide TKP Onsra Trucks: Precision in Every Turn

The Velar is equipped with Onsra Channel Trucks, known for their unmatched stability and control. Crafted from high-quality aluminum and CNC machined to perfection, these trucks feature rear kingpins and a super-wide design. These elements combine to provide maximum stability at high speeds, precise steering, and exceptional carving ability.

Onsra 200mm Pneumatic Tires: Conquer Any Terrain

From cruising scenic footpaths to navigating shortcuts across vast fields and mild all-terrain surfaces, the Onsra 200mm All-Terrain tires conquer any path in their way. The 200mm diameter allows you to effortlessly roll up drop-curbs and tackle various terrains with ease. In fact, the All Terrain setup transforms gravel tracks into rally stages and grassy hills into endless sets of rolling surf breaks. The world becomes your playground with the Velar.

Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

14S4P Batteries: Powering Your Dreams

The heart of the Velar lies in its 14S4P 21700-50S Samsung battery pack, boasting a remarkable capacity of 1036Wh (20 Ah). With a 4-5 hour charging time using a 4.5A charger, this signature battery design offers a real-world range of up to 60km (37 miles) at a top speed of 62kmph (38mph) per charge. This board turns every road or path into the endless surf of your dreams.

For the tech enthusiasts, the Orion ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) is a masterpiece. Designed entirely by Onsra, it accelerates you from zero to hero with full thrust. The dual 3500W belt drive motors (6384, 150KV) propel the Velar to a top speed of 62kmph (38 mph) and enable it to conquer hill grades of up to 35%. Moreover, the Velar features regenerative braking, providing an additional charge and enhancing your riding experience.

Please Note: Range and top speed may vary depending on rider weight and riding style.

Onsra Remote: Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips

The Onsra NX remote controller brings intelligent features to your fingertips. With a built-in 1.3″ display, it adds a splash of color to your rides. The CNC aluminum metal throttle wheel offers precise control over acceleration and braking, ensuring a responsive and safe ride. Detailed statistics, including time, average and maximum speed, consumption per ride, amperage, voltage, and more, are at your disposal. Onsra has truly thought of everything to complete your riding experience.

Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupOnsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupOnsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupWhat’s in the Box: Everything You Need

When you get your hands on the Velar, you’ll receive:

  • Fully assembled Velar
  • Board Charger – 4.5A
  • T-Tool skate tool
  • 3mm + 4mm Allen Tool
  • Spare belt set
  • User manual
  • Onsra NX wireless remote
  • USB-C charging cable

Velar Electronics and Specs: The Numbers Don’t Lie

  • ESC: Orion ESC 60A
  • Dual belt high-power drive motors
  • Motors: 2x (3500W) 6384, 150KV
  • Battery: Samsung 14S4P
  • Battery capacity: 20Ah (1036Wh)
  • Full recharge time: 4-5 hours
  • Braking: Regenerative braking
  • Remote: Forward drive and reverse capabilities
  • LCD display, adjustable modes

Velar Specs:

  • Top speed: 62km/h (38 mph)
  • Range: 60km (37 miles)
  • Hill grade: 35%+
  • Max load: 485lbs / 220kg
  • Deck width: 11.1″ (W) x 36.3″ (L)
  • Total weight: 39.6lbs / 18.4kg
  • Onsra Channel CNC Trucks 16.9″
  • Bushing durometer: 90A
  • Wheels: 200mm pneumatic
  • Pulley: 66T wheel
  • 15T motor (4.4 ratio)
  • Dual 3500W belt drive motors
  • Riding: Sealed surfaces, all-terrain
  • Water resistance: IP65 rating
  • Enclosure sealed with O-Ring

ONSRA Electric Skateboards: A Global Revolution

ONSRA Electric Skateboards, designed by professional Swiss skateboarder and YouTube star Fabian Doerig, have taken the electric skateboard world by storm. Offering a two-year warranty worldwide, ONSRA is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Boarder.Labs proudly retails ONSRA in Canada, bringing waterproof eskates to Vancouver and beyond. With the ONSRA E-skates, every path becomes an adventure, every ride an adrenaline rush. Experience the world like never before and discover new paths with ONSRA.

Please Note: Laws and regulations regarding electric vehicles, electric longboards or electric skateboards, and regular longboards/skateboards vary by country, province, and municipality. Always check the legal status of this product in your area before riding. Are you ready to take your riding experience to the next level.

Onsra Velar Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup


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