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What CARVER Trucks are right for me? C7 VS CX

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What CARVER Trucks are right for me? What’s the difference between the C7 and the CX?Buy Carver Trucks Online Canada Pickup Vancouver

The C7 is Carver’s signature surfskate front truck, and it features an incredible amount of pump and turning radius.

It has a spring loaded swing arm that allows the nose of the board to sway slightly from side to side,  essentially allowing you to snap your turns from the tail and pump effortlessly for speed.

The CX is Carver’s reverse-kingpin surfskate front truck, and it also has more pump and tighter turning than any other reverse kingpin truck on the market, but without any other parts.

It has a similar feel to that of the C7 but is less extreme, so if you want a more familiar feel to your board but want to pump and surf, then the CX is the truck you want.

I was wondering what kind of truck system comes with your long boards – I have the monsta carver, love it and am looking to get a long board as well is the truck system the same or similar?

We make the Monsta, so you can get the same trucks depending on which one you have and if you want to try another system we make.

We have 2 truck systems that surf; the C7 (with the swivel arm) and the CX (reverse kingpin style). Both pump and carver like a surfboard.

I would like to know if the difference between the carver 30? Eggbeater Complete CX and the C7 is the truck. Or what are the differences between them?

The CX is a bit snappier, lighter but pumps very well. The C7 is a bit flowier, heavier but more adjustable and also pumps very well.

So the performance difference is really about a snappy pump (CX) like a shortboard quad surfboard or a flowy pump (C7) like a short retro single fin.

I have a deck that is 29? long and drilled for 17? wheelbase, will the CX truck set effectively shorten my wheelbase?

What is the typical size wheel you guys use on a complete board like the 30? eggbeater? 65mm 70mm?

The CX does not shorten or lengthen the wheelbase. All trucks have their own slight variation on wheelbase. Generally it’s measured from the center of the mounting holes to the center of the axle.

The new CX.4 is so much snappier and fast pumping than our previous CX.3 that the old reviews don’t do it justice.

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Here are the wheelbase specs for each of our trucks for future reference. As a comparison I’ve also included Indy and Randal:

  • CX – Dead Center
  • C7 – 3/8? Longer
  • C2 – 3/4? Longer
  • CV – 1/4? Shorter
  • Indy – 7/16? Shorter
  • Randal – Dead Center

As a surfer I’m most interested in the pump too, and I’ve been riding my CXs way more than my C7s.

I think you’ll be very happy with the new CX, rest assured. Let me know once you get it what you think.

I’ve got the C7 tucks mounted on my Taylor Knox deck.I love this trucks, actually I am using them for pool and half-pipe too, but I don’t like its heavy weight and the fact that you can’t ride them fakie. That’s why I’d like to know if I can generate the same speed if I change them for your new CX trucks, and the difference between the CX3 and the CX4.

Thanks for your stoke!

Yes, you can generate speed in the same way with the new CX.4 truck. It’s almost unbelievable how snappy they are!

And they are indeed lighter and easier to ride fakie, although because of the geometry that allows for all that pump they are still a bit squirrelly going fakie.

Its not like a regular truck riding fakie, more like halfway between a C7 and a Randal. You can also use a tighter bushing set in the CX.4 for pools which makes it even easier while still keeping some of the surf feel.

What is the differences between the CX3 and the CX4?

The 4 is taller, more pumpy and has a precision machined pin, the 3 is our older version, a bit stiffer and lower with less pump. We made the new version so it had the most surf like feeling ever in a regular bushing truck.

I’m trying to decide on whether to get this board with C7 or CX trucks. I am a surfer and have been using a skateboard for cross training and fun on flatter surfaces and would like to cruise along the seawall at Narragansett, RI.

I like the groove that August was in during your video, but am enticed by the drive of the newer trucks as I would like to be able to go up mild inclines without kicking. I would like to explore bowls and ramps, but am not likely to be doing areals as a middle aged man.

The C7 is a bit more flowy and a bit more adjustable, but it’s also a bit heavier and does not go reverse as easily. The CX is a bit more snappy but not as adjustable but it’s lighter and goes reverse a bit easier.

For bowls and ramps I’d suggest getting a double kick deck like our Fraktal, similar wheelbase as the Swallow but with a nose kick for better park foot positioning. I’m 51 and have only been riding the new CX since it came out, it’s just a great truck.

I’m from Brazil and I’m looking for a good carver! I’d like the best one for speed. Can u help me?

Are you a surfer or downhill longboard racer?

Surfer! A friend of mine told me about the carvers, so I never had any experience. From what I saw, C7 is better than CX, right?

Cool. When you said speed not many surfers ask about that, they ask about cutbacks, pumping and surf stuff like that. How fast do you want to go? Generally longer boards handle speed better, so faster = longer. But as a surfer you’ll want a board that pumps and snaps too.

If you’re riding hills you can use the 36 Pintail C7 for medium speed hills and flowing pumping, or the 38? Facetime or 42? Hotdogger for fast runs. You won’t want to go as fast as cutaway downhill skaters, you’d need stiffer trucks.

The C7 is better for faster runs, as it is more stable at speeds and more easily tightened as well. The CX is like a snappy shortboard, great for pumping a driveway or skatepark.

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