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Hamboards – Shark Tank Audition

Our audition tape to appear on Shark Tank. The Hamboards crew bears their hearts explaining what Hamboards is and why they want to be on the show! Here you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the family behind your favorite surf-skate brand.


How to choose your Hamboard

Hamboards are no normal longboard. So choosing which Hamboard — available at — is perfect for you can be difficult. But this video will show you all the ins and outs of each board and make it easier to choose exactly which board is right for you. Music: Charlie Chaplin – “A Dog’s Life” Years…


Surfing the Streets with Tayna in Brazil

my name is Tayna Hanada, i’m 18 years old and live in Brazil. I surf (longboard) since i was little and always loved classic sports. I found out about Hamboard through Youtube and right after that I bought the classic one. When I go around the neighborhood riding the Hamboard I am always stopped by…

Carver Pipe Tool

Carver’s Pocket Pipe and Skate Tool

Carver’s pocket skate tool is awesome! It measures in at under 2½” in length, so it’s easy to bring along on a session for on-the-fly adjusting. Made of tool grade stainless steel, it won’t rust, break or wear out, guaranteed. The Allen key snaps on with a powerful neodymium magnet. This tool is too cute […]


Urban Waves

Jake Smith, throwing some dusty spray on roadside banks and dry ditches deep in the urban ocean. From his powerful backside snaps to his deep tail slides, his CX Carver set-up pumps between sections to link impossibly long rides without ever having to push. Soundtrack: Pond – Moth Wings (All the music credits go to…


Changing the World…One really big skateboard at a time. HAMBOARDS

The history of Hamboards, revolves around a family of seven surfers from Huntington Beach, California. The project took eight years to be completed, and the result, is feeling like you’re out in the water on your surfboard… Surfers and skateboarders from around the world, order the extra-long skateboard for a fun, classic and different ride. […]


Hamboards brand new longboard the Pinger

Fast becoming our favorite landsurfer, the Pinger™ is a 5’7″ single wing pintail. This Hamboard is right between the Fish™ and the Classic™ () as it is more maneuverable than the Classic™ but allow for more cross stepping and nose riding with a larger canvas than the Fish™. It carves incredibly well but has a…


Hamboards the Big Huge Longboard Skateboard on Shark Tank

We are hamboards: The giant longboard skateboards on ABC’s Sharktank. From landsurfing to TV, how did we get there? You’ll have to check us out on October 11th and hear more at Stay in the loop, and see our reaction by subscribing to our page. We have had tons of questions pouring in ever since…


20 to 1

Geoff shows how hard it is to make it look easy.


Dry Surfin’

Geoff Sagara going rail to rail with his new Carver CX on a perfect cement curl somewhere in the midst of the southern California chaparral, finally delivering on the promise of a true endless wave.


Hamboard’s fresh Biscuit || The new mini Landsurfer

The Biscuit is a brand new mini landsurfer by Hamboards available at . By far our smallest board yet (24″x13.75″) the Biscuit’s width allows for plenty of maneuverability minus the wheel bite. It’s pumpy, surfy, and totally turnable. Handmade in California with all California made components, it kicks any other mini skateboard that we’ve encountered…

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