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Sean Clivers Strange Love Online Sales Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

CalStreets Chronicles Collab: Sean Cliver’s DISPOSABLE SKATEBOARD BIBLE

The best things in life happen organically. In 1978 the first incarnation of CalStreets, Skateboard Central was born. Forged from a passion for skating and a regional need for products in the early ’80s the second iteration was born, California Streets. Immediately abbreviated by local skaters to “CalStreets”, the shop quickly swept the market in […]

WAVES OF CONCRETE MOMENTS - Concrete Wave Magazine November 2017


The roots of this magazine go all the way back to 1975. That’s the year I started skateboarding. I must thank Frank Nasworthy for having the creativity and mental fortitude to release Cadillac Wheels in 1973. His idea launched skateboarding’s second boom and sowed the seeds for the magazine you hold in your hands. Frank […]

GXP Photography - Vintage Canadian Skate Photography

Canadian Vintage Skate Photography by X Peat

Graham X Peat – epic skate photographer of the 70`s and 80`s Vancouver skate scene. Check out the following gallery which features Canadian team riders from Northwest Skateboards (HEAD HONCHO), Sims Team Canada, Powell, G&S, Vision and The RIPPING SQUAD. (Rippers)

Danger Bay Rick Tetz Graham Xpeat Scoot Landyachtz Concrete Wave

Unreleased Photos Danger Bay by Rick Tetz

Before even the Trade Expo or  Boarder Labs we started a dedicated skateshop and manufacturer listing service. Skaters could find the best shop in their area or find out more about the latest manufacturer. Rick Tetz of AXSGear/Concrete Wave Magazine attended Danger Bay 2012 and captured some great moments.

axs launch_edited-1

AXS Longboard Retailer Magazine Launch Party: Longbeach Calif

SoCal rules!! So we went down to Long Beach California Jan 5 for the launch of AXS Longboard Retailer Magazine. (oh yea and to go to Agenda 2012) and had a blast, 28 degrees Celsius and sunny in January! We hung out with Michael Brooke and Rick Tetz for the weekend, drank some Don Julio […]

Rick Tetz Robson Square MARK GilmorePhoto DoubleKickflip

Rick Tetz Freestyle (Team Sims) Footage Found: Yikes! Circa 1979 – 80

Rick Tetz Sponsors: Vans, Gullwing, Sims, Rector, and Hobie. Slightly embarrassed by the music genre of the time, but here it is, Rick Tetz free-styling. Videos shot at Kitsilano Beach, Kits School, English Bay, and Lynn Valley Mall. North Vancouver circa 1979-80. These were taken from a 30 year old VHS tape, audio drops and […]


Brag Magazine Australia – Interview: Rick Tetz

Interview with Rick Tetz creator  What is CALSTREETS Skateshop all about? 1..CalStreets is all about respect for skateboarding and skateboarders. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a skater is the socialization and camaraderie with other skaters. Real old school point of view but that was the way it was.· This was particularly […]

Longboarding for Peace Houstin BoraderLabs HQ

Longboarding For Peace – Michael Brooke

Longboarder Labs is the Canadian headquarters for the Longboarding for Peace movement from Concrete Wave. Exclusive LFP merchandise will be available. With summer well-established, it’s time to review the rules of the road. Michael Brooke, founder of the magazine Concrete Wave and avid longboarder, took time out from a recent talk with East York college […]

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