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The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online Sales

California Streets 11 Lonsdale Powell Window

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online SalesThe Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online SalesCalStreets About Us:

Back in ’78, something awesome happened – CalStreets was born. Once called Skateboard Central, this place became a hub for skaters who craved pure skate culture. Nestled in the lower mainland, CalStreets changed the game for skateboarding. Let’s dive into the epic journey of CalStreets and find out why it’s more than just a shop – it’s a legacy.

Passion That Ignites a Legend

CalStreets started with one thing: crazy love for skateboarding. When the early 80s came around, skaters needed a spot to call their own. California Streets, its second version, quickly got shortened to “CalStreets” by local riders. And guess what? This shop was a hit, becoming THE place for skaters in the lower mainland.

Chasing Realness

Rick Tetz, the brain behind CalStreets, wasn’t playing around. He knew skaters needed real gear. So, he hit the road, heading to California for the best stuff. With big names like Alva, Tracker, Blockhead, Santa Cruz, Indy, and Gullwing in his corner, Rick loaded up his van and raced back to Vancouver. But every time he came back, the store was sold out. Talk about crazy demand!

Connections That Shape Everything

Rick’s trips to Cali weren’t just for gear. He was building friendships with the skate industry giants. Back and forth he went, making CalStreets a Vancouver skate scene staple. The shop’s story was linked to skateboarding’s growth, turning it into a spot that echoed the skate culture.

Creative Minds Collide

In 2008, Sean Cliver, a legendary skate artist, stumbled upon CalStreets’ website. This random find led to an epic partnership. Sean got hooked by the shop’s history and pics, reaching out to Rick. They clicked instantly, both mad about skating. And so began an epic collab.

Freezing Time in Photos

Together, Sean and Rick unveiled a treasure trove of 80s pics. Rick’s vault was like a time machine, showing the colorful graphics and wild energy of the Lonsdale store. These pics don’t just bring back memories – they give you a peek into a time when graphics ruled the game.

When Art and History Collide

Imagine this: in 2009, Rick gets a surprise from Gingko Press. It’s a book – the “Disposable Skateboard Bible” – by Sean Cliver. Inside, there’s Sean’s autograph and a rad drawing of the Ragdoll head, a Powell Peralta classic. That drawing? It’s now part of Rick’s collection. Talk about a high-five from history!

Rolling Strong into Today

Fast-forward to 2023 – CalStreets is still ripping it up. Serving Canada Wide with pure dedication only a skater could have, this place is the go-to for reissued skate gems from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond. That board wall? It’s a time capsule of the bold, fierce 80s graphics. And guess what? The “Disposable Skateboard Bible” still chills on the counter, showing CalStreet’s deep roots.

Legacy Lives On

To wrap it up, CalStreets is more than just a skate shop. It’s a story of a small BC town skater, a passion, staying true, and being real. From its humble start to its legendary journey, CalStreets is etched in skateboarding history. With true to this day MFG partnerships that’s top-notch and a vibe that’s pure skate, CalStreets stays the ultimate spot for skaters of every decade. It’s 2023 and a living tale of skate love that never stops rolling. 

Rick Tetz CalStreets Skateshop Vancouver 1978 Adverts Georgia Straight

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online Sales

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