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AntiHero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pick UpAntihero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupAntihero Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverThe Huffer is not merely a skateboard; it is a manifestation of the profound cultural significance and enduring legacy of skateboarding, epitomizing the spirit of rebellion, camaraderie, and authenticity that defines Antihero Skateboards.

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of John Cardiel, whose meteoric rise to prominence in the early 1990s reshaped the landscape of skateboarding, the Huffer pays homage to his iconic first pro model shape for Black Label, affectionately known as the Snuffer.

John Cardiel’s impact on the skateboarding world was seismic, catalyzed by standout performances in seminal videos like the Spitfire Video and Dogtown’s DTS the Video.

His partnership with Bay Area legend Julien Stranger in the formation of Antihero Skateboards under the DLXSF brand umbrella in 1995 marked a pivotal moment in the sport’s history.

Since then, Antihero has not only endured but thrived, earning a reputation as the heart and soul of core skateboarding, with a distinctive ethos centered around the simple joy of getting lost on your skateboard with friends.

The Huffer, with its dimensions measuring 9.18″ x 31.7″ and a wheelbase of 14.75″, represents a nod to Cardiel’s original shape, infused with modern performance and durability.

Its classic football shape, characterized by ample thickness and generous taper, provides riders with a stable yet responsive platform for pushing the boundaries of their creativity and skill.

What sets the Huffer apart, however, is not just its technical specifications, but rather the fervent devotion it has inspired among skaters worldwide. From its inception, this board has garnered a cult following, fueled by its association with Cardiel and the profound sense of authenticity and community it embodies. Its allure is such that it has even sparked a 22-page thread on the Slap Message boards, a testament to its enduring appeal and influence within the skateboarding subculture.

To ride a Huffer is to pay homage to John Cardiel and the indelible mark he left on skateboarding—a mark that continues to resonate with riders of all ages and backgrounds. So, join the ranks of the devoted and pay tribute to a legend—grab a Huffer today and embrace the timeless spirit of skateboarding. All hail Cardiel!

AntiHero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pick Up

AntiHero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pick Up

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