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From Nose to Tail: Unveiling the Secrets of Freestyle Skateboard Decks

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Get ready to dive into the bizzaro world of freestyle skateboarding decks, where every shape and size is as unique as a fingerprint! 

DEFINE FREESTYLE: Freestyle skateboarding is a style of skateboarding focused on creativity and expression through a diverse range of tricks performed on flat ground or in skate parks. Freestylers showcase their individuality by mastering footwork, spins, flips, and balances, creating their own unique style of skating. It’s all about pushing the limits of what’s possible on a skateboard while having fun and expressing oneself creatively.

First up, we’ve got dimensions! We’re talking about the length, width, and wheelbase of these bad boys.

Picture yourself measuring the distance from the tip of your nose to the end of your tail – sounds like a skateboarder’s version of “Guess the Length of the Submarine Sandwich,” doesn’t it? Freestyle decks usually fall between 26″ to 30″ long, so whether you’re going for the submarine or the footlong, there’s a deck for you!

Now, let’s talk width. Imagine Goldilocks trying to find the perfect porridge – not too hot, not too cold, just right! Freestyle decks typically range from 7.25″ to 8″ wide, so you can find the Goldilocks zone for your feet.

Ah, the wheelbase – the magical distance between the front and rear truck bolts. It’s like the skateboard’s secret sauce! Freestyle wheelbases usually clock in at 11.5″ to 13.75″, giving you just the right amount of room to work your magic.

Next up, we’ve got the nose and tail – the yin and yang of skateboard anatomy! The nose is where the party starts, and the tail is where it ends.

Now, onto the main event – double kick vs. single kick! It’s like choosing between a double scoop of ice cream or a single scoop with extra toppings – both delicious, but it depends on your flavor!

Double kick decks are like the Swiss Army knives of freestyle, perfect for busting out all those fancy footwork tricks. But if you’re feeling old school, a single kick deck might be more your style, giving you that classic vibe with a flat nose and a whole lot of sass.

And let’s not forget about concave – the unsung hero of skateboard design! It’s like the secret ingredient in your grandma’s famous recipe – you can’t see it, but you sure can feel it! Freestyle decks come in all shapes and sizes, offering a range of concave heights to suit your fancy.

Now, onto profiles – the cherry on top of the freestyle cake! Whether you like ’em symmetrical or asymmetrical, there’s a deck out there with your name on it. It’s like choosing between a round pizza or a square pizza – either way, it’s gonna be delicious!

Last but not least, let’s talk skid plates – the bodyguards of the skateboard world! They’re like the bouncers at a club, protecting your deck from those pesky tail drags and keeping it looking fresh to death!

So there you have it, folks – the wild and wonderful world of freestyle skateboarding decks! With so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, the only limit is your imagination! So go ahead, pick your poison, and get ready to shred like there’s no tomorrow!

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