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From Clay to Urethane: Unearthing the Road Rider Wheels Legacy

Road Rider 6 NOS Wheels CalStreets Vancouver BC HistoryRoad Rider 6 NOS Wheels on Display at CalStreets Vancouver BC Skateboard HistoryON DISPLAY AT CALSTREETS VANCOUVER: In 1975, Road Rider 6’s stood as the crown jewel among the Road Rider Wheel family, which also included the 2’s and 4’s. These particular wheels, poured with care in ’75, were meticulously boxed, wrapped, and packed, only to be forgotten until this moment in time.

Now, the exciting news is that Santa Cruz is bringing back a limited batch of these vintage wheels from 1975. However, there are a few important points to note: Rarity: Only 100 sets of these new old stock wheels from 1975 are being re-released.

It’s crucial to understand that these wheels on display at CalStreets Reissue dept are not intended for actual skateboarding use. Instead, they are a collectible item, a piece of skateboarding history that we proudly own and display in our shop. 

“I Depend on Road Rider Wheels to Win!” – Henry Hester

When it comes to winning on the skateboard circuit, there’s one name that has consistently stood out – Road Rider Wheels. Just ask Henry Hester, a true skateboarding legend.

The ROAD RIDER No.6 wheels are specially designed for use with the new larger size trucks. With an increased diameter and Road Rider’s unique design added to the inner face, these wheels provide phenomenal traction without compromising speed.

What sets Road Rider Wheels apart is their history of innovation – they were the first to introduce precision bearings, pioneer a distinctive wheel design, and develop a special formula urethane. These features catapulted Road Rider to the top, making them the No. 1 wheel in the world in 1976.

ROAD RIDER 6 specs: Width: 1 3/4″ Height: 2 5/16″

The proof of Road Rider’s dominance can be found in the winners’ circle. Just look at John Hutson and Terry Brown of Santa Cruz skateboards, who secured 1st Place in the Long Beach Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championships.

Anybody can claim to be Number One, but Road Rider Wheels lets the pros do the talking. More street competitions have been won on Road Rider Wheels than any other brand. The Road Rider Wheel is truly the King of the Road!

And it’s not just Henry Hester and Santa Cruz skateboards who swear by Road Rider Wheels. Professional riders like Tony Alva, Bob Skolberg, Mike Weed, Torger Johnson, Bruce Logan, Steve Cathey, Doug Saladino, and many others have all trusted Road Rider to give them the edge in their skateboarding endeavors.

When you ride with Road Rider Wheels, you’re not just riding; you’re winning. Join the elite ranks of champions and experience the unbeatable performance that has made Road Rider the go-to choice for professionals and legends alike.

Road Rider is not just a brand; it’s a pivotal part of skateboarding history that has been making its mark since 1973. It all began when Anthony Roderick, an innovator ahead of his time, approached Santa Cruz Skateboards with a groundbreaking idea – the first skateboard precision bearings and urethane wheels.

The introduction of the “Road Rider” wheel was nothing short of a revolution in the skateboarding world. Before these wheels hit the scene, skateboards were equipped with loose ball bearings and wheels made of clay and steel. It didn’t take long for the Road Rider wheel to captivate skateboarders worldwide, and the impact was nothing short of seismic.

With the advent of Road Rider wheels, the old standards quickly became obsolete. Loose ball bearings were rendered obsolete by the precision bearings that Road Rider introduced, offering a level of smoothness and control that skaters had never experienced before. Likewise, the clay and steel wheels that were once commonplace were swiftly replaced by the innovative urethane wheels of Road Rider.

But Road Rider’s influence didn’t stop at revolutionizing skateboarding. The success of Road Rider wheels played a crucial role in funding the development of Santa Cruz Skateboards and NHS (NHS, Inc.), two iconic entities in the skateboarding industry.

Without the financial backing and support generated by Road Rider’s groundbreaking products, it’s safe to say that the landscape of skateboarding would look very different today.

In essence, Road Rider wheels weren’t just a product; they were a catalyst for change and progress in skateboarding. They reshaped the way skaters rode and paved the way for the modern era of skateboarding technology.

Road Rider’s legacy lives on, not only as a brand but as a symbol of innovation and a driving force behind the growth and evolution of skateboarding as we know it.

Road Rider 6 NOS Wheels CalStreets Vancouver BC History

Road Rider 6 NOS Wheels on Display at CalStreets Vancouver BC Skateboard History

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