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Spike’s Legacy: A Look Back at the Feline Face of CalStreets

CalStreets Skateshop Vancouver Spike The Cat CanadaSpike The Cat CalStreets Skateshop North Vancouver 1980

In cherished memory of my beloved feline companion, Spike. A stalwart presence in our lives for an impressive 21 years, she etched her place deep within our hearts. Cloaked in the elegance of a Black Tuxedo Cat, Spike wandered the avenues of Lonsdale as if the streets were an extension of her kingdom. Her confident stride was only matched by her endearing idiosyncrasies that rendered her truly one of a kind.

Spike had an unconventional way of seizing attention – she had an affinity for commandeering the window displays of neighboring shops, claiming them as her personal lounges. But what truly left an impression was her signature MIGHTY MEOWL, a vocal proclamation of her presence that embraced the spirits of fellow skaters who graced our shop’s entrance.

Yet, Spike was more than just a gracious host. She bore her own unique technique in promoting her line of skateboard hardware, shirts, stickers, and more that adorned our shelves. Nestled upon the truck showcase, ensconced within her designated hardware box, she transformed into the embodiment of the products she endorsed. Who could resist the allure of skateboard hardware that bore the endorsement of such a captivating and charismatic feline influencer?

As the wheels of time continue to spin, the void left behind by Spike’s departure remains immeasurable. Her aura, her charm, and her distinctive spirit linger in our recollections. The shop itself seems to yearn for her, as though a fragment of its essence has been softly carried away by the passage of moments.

Farewell, dear Spike. You were more than a pet; you were a cherished fellow skater within our ranks. Your legacy endures, and every glance at skateboard hardware invokes the memory of your stately presence, ever watchful, forever etched in our hearts. Spike, the feline skater who cruised through life alongside us, your memory rides on.

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