Vision Blurr Wheels

The one and only iconic Vision Blurr has made its way back from the 80’s! Classic Vision Re-Issue wheels made new! Now with gold Blurr artwork. These wheels were a hit in the 80’s, and once you try them out you’ll know why.

Vision Blurrs are the perfect all around wheel for skateparks, cruising or hitting a ditch or pool. Vision reissued these wheels in their original 96a durometer, which makes these wheels forgiving and practical, but also still fast on concrete parks.

The double conical shape of the wheel makes rolling over bonky coping and slapping up curbs easier than it would be with a square wheel.

These wheels are 60mm with a nice wide contact patch, making them fast, even on rough roads or crusty spots. In the 80’s, these were Mark Gonzales’ wheel of choice for all terrain ripping.

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Showing all 6 results