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LIZZIE 187 Killer Pads – ADULT PACK Six Pad Set Our Pad Packs are the industry leader for safety and protection. Lizzie directed every design decision from the rip stop fabric and unique canvas labels to the blood-orange base material and the cream coloured caps with matching rivets. The unique result is one of the coolest products we have ever produced.

Design and craftsmanship proven in our Pro Series is used to optimize the fit, comfort, and durability of this pad set. 187 Killer Pads® is the brand trusted by the top skaters in the world.

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Introducing Lizzie, the fearless female skateboarder who inspired the design of the ADULT PACK Six Pad Set by 187 Killer Pads – the ultimate in safety and protection for skaters. Every aspect of this product, from the rip stop fabric to the canvas labels, the blood-orange base material to the cream colored caps with matching rivets, was carefully directed by Lizzie herself.

Using the same design and craftsmanship found in the Pro Series, this pad set is optimized for fit, comfort, and durability. 187 Killer Pads® is the trusted brand of the world’s top skaters, and Lizzie’s input has made this one of the coolest products they’ve ever produced.  187 Killer Pads® is the brand trusted by the top skaters in the world.


  • Angled design conforms to hand for excellent fit
  • Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase longevity
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
  • Padded interior provides increased comfort
  • Extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at base of hand where most hard impacts occur

In addition, with an articulated design that maximizes range of motion so you can move freely as you please. As a result, the seamless interior finish also provides these pads with ultimate comfort while being worn. See below for size chart! Available in  XS, Sm/Med, and Large/X-Large.

PRO TIP: If your measurements are in-between the sizes shown or you’re simply in doubt, we strongly recommend sizing up to the larger size. We have found over the years that customers do better when they choose the larger size.


  • Cream Colored Caps with Matching Rivets
  • Blood Orange Base Material
  • Contoured form-fitting design
  • Superior system absorbs hard impacts
  • Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial
  • Weight stitching ensures durability
  • Size specific caps create close contact with pad to minimize bulk
  • Heavy-duty elastic strap
  • Contoured & streamlined design
  • For sizing, measure around joint 
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187’s own Vinton Pacetti explains how to fit properly for different pads within the line.


187 Killer Pads

187 Slim Elbow Pads Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Listen up, my fellow skaters! For the past ten years, 187 Killer Pads® has been straight up killing it in the pad game, hooking up top pros with the illest gear around. Started by a legit skater in a family-owned upholstery shop, 187 Killer Pads® has blown up big time and is now the go-to choice for skaters all over the world. Their designs are straight fire and their systems are next level, pushing the limits and making protective gear even better. If you’re all about that “Skate Everything” life and want to keep yourself safe while still feeling hella comfy, then 187 Killer Pads® is where it’s at, bro. They’ve got you covered with the perfect balance of protection and comfort! PRO TIP: If your measurements are in-between the sizes shown or you’re simply in doubt, we strongly recommend sizing up to the larger size.   
187 Killer Pads

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

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