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What is the Difference Between a Snowboard and a Snowskate?

What is a Snowskate

With world-renowned ski resort Whistler having one of the best opening weeks in decades, many of your friends have dropped everything to hit the powder. As a core skater, are you feeling a little left out?

Chances are, you’ve caught wind of the snowskate phenomenon. And now that the entire province (and quite possibly country) is on the verge of an epic snow season, you’re considering your options.

What is a Snowskate?

There’s no need to complicate it. It’s a hybrid between a snowboard and a skateboard. You keep the relative shape of your skateboard/longboard, sans the traditional trucks and wheels, with some added functional improvements and a camber/rocker equation to account for the terrain. Some snowskates come as a single deck. Others come with a top deck and a sub deck.

Some skaters (and surfers) have a hard time transitioning to snowboarding because of the bindings. A snowskate (without bindings) abates this feeling of being constrained. Because you’re not “locked in” you can perform the skateboard tricks you kick a** at, but on the slopes. Ski bunnies and bums alike will be impressed.

Snowskating is also a more convenient alternative to snowboarding. All of the gear (boots, bindings, etc.) that comes with snowboarding gets expensive. But with this option, it’s just you and your snowskate. With snowboarding, you also have to head up to the mountain which adds time and cost. But on a snow day in your urban oasis, you can hit the local park (as long as there are a few hills) and rip past the toboggans, sleds, and Crazy Carpets. Don’t be surprised if indoor snowskate parks become mainstream in the near future. But for now, it’s time to pick your ride, before heading up the lift or gondola.

What is a Good Snowskate to Get Started?

OK, so you’re ready to hit the slopes, while remaining true to your skateboarding roots. Once again, BoarderLabs has your prescription. Let’s take a look at some top picks.

Landyachtz Deluxe SnowSkate

This beauty is a step up from the basic snowskate design, with a top deck and sub deck. The updated LY Deluxe model comes with adjustable mounting options which provides you with more slashing powder (surfers will dig this too). View the specs here.

Landyachtz Super Deluxe SnowSkate

Landyachtz doesn’t take the word “Super” lightly. LY ramps up the deluxe model, with a high-performance bamboo and fiberglass top deck and sub deck. The decks are connected by superior Harfang snowskate trucks and a strong leash to make sure your board doesn’t get away from you on the icy decline. View more on this adaptable multi-mountain ripper here.

Harfang Spirit Snowskate Complete

Harfang knows snow. Born on the powder-caked terrain of Montreal, Harfang has tried, tested, and put its snowskates through the gnarliest conditions. The result delivered to you, is the Harfang Spirit Snowskate. This complete system is designed with a 35-inch top deck, rocker trucks, and a 43-inch sub ski (deck). This ride combines the feeling of longboarding and snowboarding. If you’re used to bombing concrete hills you won’t find a better transition piece to take our skills to the slopes. Get into the spirit of the ski season with a Harfang Spirit Snowskate.



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