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Fingerjam is a Fingerboard Contest event born out of necessity. Back in the spring of 2015, Cal Streets owner and former Sims freestyler Rick Tetz and Canadian fingerboard enthusiast/manufacture Adam Longair started talking.

The two came together of their love of everything skateboarding, and agreed to do a small run of Adam’s own fingerboards in the 4th avenue location of Longboarder Labs @ Cal Streets. The batch of boards did better than expected, it soon turned into a battle on getting parts in fast enough to build up the completes for the demand.

With kids, teens and adults coming in consistently to check out and purchase new stock, the display began to grow and grow. This resulted in the use of props to create miniature scenes with the boards. Little did we know soon people were asking to check out the little rails, benches and other assorted obstacles. This made it very apparent to the two that the scene was discovering the retail location quickly and it was necessary to step it up.

The next chapter unfolded with mini bearing wheels and rubber foam grip-tape. Such items attracted the even more dedicated riders who had been sourcing the products from around the world, shocked that they could now walk into a store and see everything up close and personal. Alike the products, riders had been only able to watch US and European contests unfold over the internet.

That was the final nail in the coffin, it was a done deal. Fingerjam needed to happen. But unlike other events / contests, this one was going to be for all the locals who have only ever had the chance to view them from behind a computer. Fingerjam is an event like no other. Edgy and more intense,  while still a relaxing fun time. Our unique contest fingerjam-fingerboardsstyle of the first event is
going to take the top 4 participants with the best runs and have a mini tournament with head to head skate games.

What sets Fingerjam apart from other finger skate events as well is the fact that it is designed to support and help the community, both fingerskate and animal. Fingerboard decks with a special Fingerjam logo will be given to the first 20 people that come through the door ready to join in the fun regardless of skill level. As far as the animals go, Both men behind the Jam are really compassionate towards animals. The fee for entering the event is any factory sealed dog or cat food to help out local animal shelters.

FINGERJAM is a dedicated Canadian company for the further advancement of fingerboarding in Canada.


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