Indy Stage 4

Limited Independent Trucks Stage 4 CalStreets Reissue Dept Pickup VancouverAn update of the original stage 4 single wing hanger design introduced in 1986.

Independent Stage 4 features the original Stage 4 polished silver, single wing hanger design on a universal 6 hole baseplate. With tried and true, classic Indy geometry, Stage 4s are super quick and responsive.

Featuring a signature A356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate, along with SCM435 chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins, these bad boys are built to grind daily.

Fitted with perfectly sized, 90a original cushions for superior stability, rebound, and snap. Stage 4s are made with all modern materials and manufacturing processes;  making them more durable and longer lasting than the originals or any imitation. Superior turning – Tried and true classic Indy turning geometry. Superior stability – Original cushions sized for the perfect rebound. 

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Showing all 3 results