Carver ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers Black or Red Seal


Ever ride on the boardwalk and end up with unusable bearings? Caked with dirt and sand, unable to spin, reminiscing over the good ol’ days when they could still spin. It’s the absolute worst! Well, the Carver bearings are made so that doesn’t happen.

These bearings were born on the beaches of California so they are ready to stop grit and sand and any other materials from getting in your bearings. On top of their resistance to the elements, they are also damn fast!

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Carver Skateboard Bearings Red Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverCarver bearings are designed for riding on boardwalks close to sandy beaches. That means that they are really resistant to sand and grit than can get inside of and ruin regular bearings.  Black, Grey and Red seals. At Abec 7 they will deliver a smooth and consistent carve or cruise.

If you have a Carver board already you know how important it is to have a solid set of bearings. When you get your pump rolling it is much easier to pick up and maintain speed with high quality bearings. Considering how stellar these bearings are the price really doesn’t reflect that. They are still
completely affordable!

  • Pictured Red Seal
  • Also in Black or Grey Seal
  • Double Shielded for maximum protection from dirt and sand
  • Oil Lubricated with a special synthetic lubricant for a faster spinning wheel
  • Easily removable Red Neoprene covered, non-contact seals for easy re-lubricating
  • Chrome steel ball bearings for maximum wear
  • Deep-Groove polished race for faster roll and better side load rating
  • Steel Cage will hold up longer to the heavy duty abuse of skateboarding

Yago Dora was a little grom when he got the nickname Skinny Goat, given for his resemblance to a particularly spindly goat his older friends saw munching grass in a field. Now he’s all grown up and ripping like no one else in the world, but he still retains that goofy sense of humor, even while getting pitted deep in thunderous caves of brine. It’s that paradox of playful fun and dead serious gnar that makes Yago such a compelling surfer to watch.



Carver Surf Skate Canada Distribution Vancouver PickupCARVER SURFSKATES: It’s been nearly 18 years since that flat summer, and Carver is going strong and still growing. Josh Kerr has recently joined the team with a pair of new pro models, and future collaborations are in development. As skateboarding evolves to be more inclusive of innovation, historic styles such as Surfskate are finally re-emerging on the scene.
Carver continues to make the most trusted and reliable American-made surf skate equipment available, develop cutting edge innovations, and drive progression forward for all the dedicated riders who rely on our equipment for surf training and just a fun way to surf the streets.
“I see people on our boards all the time now, and I can always tell when they’re riding a Carver by the way they’re surfing their boards,” Neil says. “It’s such a great feeling to watch how much fun they’re having, and knowing we made that for them” adds Greg.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm