Orangatang Fat Free 65mm 80a Orange


The Orangatang Fat Free 65mm is your way to losing weight while rippen open your local streets. The Fat Frees are great little wheel that rip on just about everything, but not cars. 

They’re great for your mini cruisers or double kicks. They come stone ground so you can slide their buttery smooth slides right out of the package(feel that fat free butteryness). What are you waiting for get going and get some fat frees your board will be thanking us.

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Orangatang Fat Free Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverOrangatang Fat Free 65mm 80a Orange setIf you’re ready to lean out your diet, the Orangatang Fat Free is the key to maintaining your board’s cardiovascular health and freeride/freestyle figure.

The smallest member of our offset freeride lineup (which includes the 75mm Durian and 70mm Stimulus), the Fat Free is right at home on your favorite mini or double-kick.

FAT FREE 65 mms compact size keeps your setup lightweight and flickable.

Rounded lips make sliding a breeze, and the offset bearing seat complements narrower trucks perfectly to maintain easy initiation and gentle hookup.

The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box.

The Fat Free is poured in our proprietary Happy Thane formula for high roll speed, plush feel, and smooth, predictable drifts.

What are you waiting for get going and get some fat frees your board will be thanking us.

  • FAT FREE 65mm
  • 80a Durometer
  • 37mm Contact Patch
  • Offset Core
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • Stone Ground
  • Lose Weight with Fat Free’s
  • (Not really) well, maybe if you skate enough

Loaded Kanthaka official release video. Trevor, Ethan and Nic bring their own style and personal touch to the streets of San Francisco. Adam C. and Adam S. composed a lot of tight shots and focus rolls to bring the action close along with a fast paced, multiple angle edit. There is a lot going on in this video so you may have to watch it more than once to take it all in. We hope the video inspires you all to go out and skate.



Buy Orangatang Wheels Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupOrangatang Wheels began in 2008 as a means for advocating the civil liberties of the indigenous river Capybaras of Southern California.
Like a shot of adrenaline for a stale economy of shredding, the Orangatang Stimulus 70mm is here to breathe new life into your ride.
Also famous for their unrelated foray into exotic animal jerky manufacturing. Orangatang Wheels, makers of Onsens, Kegel, Moronga, In Heat, 4President, Durian, Stimulus, Fat Free, The Cage, The Kilmer, and The Keanu. How soft do you let these soft wheels get? Blue 77a!

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Weight 1.11 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm

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