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Coast Longboarding Splash 4 Cash 2015 – Riley Harris Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

Riley Harris is back in BC after his IDF season and headed to Coast Longboarding’s annual Splash 4 Cash. With a dry road for finals, Riley sent it, but tough, tight racing means it’s not going to be an easy win for anyone. Podium: 1. Troy Grenier 2. Dane Hanna 3. Riley Harris 4. Curt […]


Weird Longboarding at Loaded Boards

Longboarding freestyle at its finest with Adam stokowsky, dandoy tongco, ethan cochard, dane webber, dustin hampton, kalil hammouri, at the loaded boards headquarters. Working hard every day! Loaded dervish, vanguard, boosted boards and other monsters are featured in this longboard 80´s movie. Feel free to suggest us more weird maneuvers…


Mario Skate (60 fps)

Mariooooo Kaarrrtttt Skaaaaaatte!!! Music: Savant – Vario Like this video? Support more on Patreon! Watch this BTS: Thanks to Boosted Boards for lending us some awesome electric longboards!


2015 Britannia Classic presented by Subsonic

The 2015 Britannia Classic Presented by Subsonic Skateboards delivered on another great weekend of British Columbia racing thanks to organizer Lee Cation. This year’s Britannia Classic included not only the usual race, but an open freeride and No-Hands-Down race pushing riders to keep their pucks up and stand-up race the whole run. Add in the…


The Bustin Shrike with Toti Bicicleta and Perropro

Join team rider Toti Bicicleta and film-maker Perropro for a mind-opening adventure on the new Shrike Board. Toti was a key rider in the development of the Shrike board and we’re stoked to give him the first chance to show what it can do. To learn more or purchase the Shrike Board, visit .


Britannia Classic 2015

The eighth annual Britannia Classic longboarding race invaded the hills of Britannia Beach on May 24. Vancouver’s Kevin Reimer won the open division for the sixth time in eight years, with North Vancouver’s Alex Charleson placing second.


Hamboards – Shark Tank Audition

Our audition tape to appear on Shark Tank. The Hamboards crew bears their hearts explaining what Hamboards is and why they want to be on the show! Here you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the family behind your favorite surf-skate brand.

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