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The Carver CX Surfskate truck is Carver’s reverse kingpin hybrid skate trucks which are their lightest and snappiest pumping truck!

You can pump this truck like a C7, but it lands airs and rides fakie with more stability as well. This opens up aerial maneuvers, and keys in with the latest progression of airs in surfing. This original Carver design is quickly becoming the most popular surfskate truck in the world.

Carver CX Truck Kit includes: Carver CX trucks, risers, hardware, Roundhouse 70mm wheels, Carver bearings, and Carver Pipe Tool.

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The Carver CX is Carver’s hybrid surf and skate truck!

This is a lightweight standard RKP (Reverse King Pin) hanger and base. In addition it has a patented geometry that squeezes every bit of turn and pump from the system!  

With the patented design, this means that you can pump this truck like a C7, but the CX lands airs and rides fakie with more stability in comparison. This opens up aerial maneuvers, and keys in with the latest progression of airs in surfing.

The CX also has more pump and a tighter turning radius than any other reverse kingpin truck on the market, but without any other parts. It has a similar feel to that of the C7 but is less extreme, so if you want a more familiar feel to your board, but want to pump and surf, then the CX is choice for you.

This original Carver design is quickly becoming the most popular surfskate truck in the world. Overall, the CX trucks are ideal for progressive airs, reverses, and anyone who prefers a snappy turn. 

The Carver CX Truck Kit comes equipped with everything you need to get optimal surfskate performance.

Roundhouse 70mm 78a wheels are included for maximum grip, and to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible. These black wheels feature Roundhouses premium urethane, and a square lip.

Alongside the Roundhouse wheels, the CX Kit comes with Carver bearings, and a Carver Pipe tool. The Carver Pipe Tool is an all in one solution to build up, or take apart any skateboard.


  • Axle Width: 9″
  • Truck Height: 2.875″
  • (1) CX.4 Front Truck
  • (1) C2.4 Rear Truck
  • Roundhouse 70mm wheels
  • Carver Bearings
  • Carver Pipe Tool
  • Risers: 2 Risers
  • Hardware: 1.25″ Stainless Steel
  • Everything you need to convert your favorite deck into a surfskate!
  • More here: CARVER TRUCKS

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Our favorite dog Bamboo has been cruisin the streets of Solana Beach for the last 8 years or so. He loves his Carver as much as he loves his kibble. We’re stoked to present a glimpse into a day in the life of Bamboo, the coolest surf skating dog.



Carver Surf Skate Canada Distribution Vancouver PickupCarver Surf Skate Roundhouse Wheels Canada Online Sales Pickup Surf Skate City VancouverJosh Kerr has recently become part of our team, introducing new pro models, and we're actively working on future collaborations. As skateboarding embraces innovation and inclusivity, traditional styles like Surfskate are making a resurgence. Carver remains committed to producing the most reliable American-made surf skate equipment. We continually push the boundaries of innovation, propelling progression for dedicated riders who rely on our gear for surf training and an enjoyable urban surfing experience. “I often see people on our boards, and you can always tell when they're on a Carver by how they surf," notes Neil. Greg adds, "It's incredibly satisfying to witness the joy they experience, knowing that we crafted that for them.” There's a distinctive element, though. Those riding our boards aren't just skating the streets; they're surfing the urban wave. Carver remains dedicated to the ongoing creation of the most trusted and reliable American-made surf skate equipment, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment extends beyond merely providing quality products; we strive to pioneer cutting-edge advancements in the industry, ensuring that enthusiasts experience the forefront of surf skate technology.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 4 cm
Axle Width