Plan B PJ Ladd Pro.Spec Superthane Wheels 49mm White Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver
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Plan B PJ Ladd Pro.Spec NEW OLD STOCK Wheels 49mm White $69.95
Spitfire Wheels Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver SPITFIRE GRANT TAYLOR UNDEAD PRO FORMULA FOUR WHEELS 99A 57.5MM NATURAL $74.95
Spitfire Wheels



The Spitfire 80HD Chargers are high-performance skateboard wheels engineered for versatility across a wide range of terrains. These wheels have a 60mm diameter, providing an optimal balance between stability and maneuverability, making them ideal for both beginners and advanced skaters. The conical full shape offers a wider contact patch, which enhances grip and control, essential for maintaining stability during sharp turns and high-speed maneuvers. With a durometer rating of 80A, the Spitfire 80HD Chargers are relatively soft, making them perfect for absorbing shocks and vibrations from rough surfaces while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride.
This softness also translates to better grip, which is crucial for skating on uneven or rugged terrain. The wheels are center set, meaning the bearings are positioned in the center of the wheel, ensuring symmetrical performance and even wear over time. This design choice contributes to consistent handling and durability.

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Spitfire Chargers HD80 Canada Sale Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

Spitfire Chargers HD80 Canada Sale Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsSpitfire Chargers HD80 Canada Sale Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsThe Spitfire 80HD Chargers are versatile skateboard wheels designed for performance across various terrains. They have a 60mm diameter, striking a balance between stability and maneuverability, and a conical full shape for a wider contact patch, enhancing grip and control.

With a durometer of 80A, these relatively soft wheels offer a smooth ride and excellent grip on rough surfaces. The wheels feature a center set bearing position for symmetrical performance and even wear, and are mechanically bonded to a lightweight injection-molded inner core, ensuring true bearing seating and consistent speed and grip.

Made with a high rebound compound, they provide quick response and a smooth ride, while the 100% True Performance Urethane ensures durability. Suitable for the roughest terrains or the smoothest rides, the Spitfire 80HD Chargers cater to a wide range of skating environments, offering speed, control, and comfort.


  • 60MM
  • 80A Durometer
  • Conical Full Shape
  • Injection Molded Core
  • Orange Fade
  • Burn Everything!

Spitfire Wheels Canada Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Spitfire Wheels Canada Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver


Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire x Supreme Classic 53mm 99a White Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Spitfire wheels have been rolling through the skateboarding scene since 1987, which, if you do the math, is way more than a couple of decades. They've been dishing out some of the slickest, high-octane wheels you could slap on a skateboard. Their catalog is like a buffet of wheels – different sizes, shapes, and durometers – basically, if your skateboard could dream, it'd dream of these. Spitfire's been the go-to for skateboarding's who's who, from Daewon Song to Eric Koston, and everyone in between. It's like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but for skateboarders. Me? I'm all about riding the fire. Are you on board? Notable team-riders from the company’s large roster include Bryan Herman, Andy Roy, Peter Hewitt, Theotis Beasley, Peter Ramondetta, Erik Ellington, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Trevor Colden, Grant Taylor, Dylan Rieder, Chris Pfanner, Vincent Alvarez, Eric Koston just to name a few!
Spitfire Wheels

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