Fingerboard Contest Vancouver Fingerjam III CalStreets Boarderlabs

BLADE PRO SHOP  brought in the latest pro gear from Blackriver Germany. The new trucks  are amazing and the response has been overwhelming. Precision German engineered obstacles!

FINGERBOARD TRUCK TALK: However we were surprised how many fingerboarders were over challenged by the trucks technical structure and new features.

Most fingerboarders never had a professional truck before and were not used to see fingerboard stuff as professional sports equipment. But that is just what we have with the trucks: The trucks took a giant leap away from simple toys.

The reason for this is the fact fingerboarding is performed on a lot of different levels. For some people fingerboards are collectibles, simple toys or sports equipment. The first two groups already had a large range of goods to chose from while fingerboarders riding on a professional level were asking for  fingerboard technology innovation.

Blade Park Contest Fingerjam is an event like no other. Edgy and more intense,  while still a relaxing fun time. Our unique contest style of the first event is going to take the top 4 participants with the best runs and have a mini tournament with head to head skate games.