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Andy Anderson’s skateboarding journey began with a serendipitous visit to Griffin Bowl in North Vancouver. While his parents were drawn to the park’s scenic beauty, it was the dynamic world of skateboarding that captured young Andy’s imagination.

From the tender age of four, Anderson’s approach to skateboarding was distinct. He started with the basics, honing his tick-tacks and board balance, and gradually expanded his repertoire to include ramp, freestyle, and bowl skating. His progression is particularly noteworthy for challenging the conventional wisdom that mastering the ollie is an essential first step.

Andy’s story is a testament to the idea that skaters need not be bound by traditional pathways or peer pressure.

The prevailing notion in the skateboarding community is that learning the ollie is almost a rite of passage. However, Anderson’s experience illustrates that conforming to popular opinion isn’t necessary. His journey underscores the value of individuality in skateboarding.

Anderson also addresses the often-overlooked aspects of skateboarding, such as the importance of teaching beginners not just how to push and slow down, but also how to fall without getting hurt. He advocates for appreciating the lengthy evolution of skateboarding techniques, including the development of the ollie.

In his discussions about his approach to skateboarding, Anderson highlights the importance of personal expression and freedom.

His willingness to diverge from the norm and explore various styles is a reflection of his dedication to the core spirit of skateboarding – an art form where individuality and creativity reign supreme.

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