Embassy Skateboards Texas

Embassy Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets Shut Up and SkateEmbassy Skateboards emerged as a brilliant collaboration between Skateboard Legend John “TEX” Gibson and his Bark Hard band mate, Lee Leal. John proudly holds the distinction of being the very first professional skateboarder from Texas, a true pioneer.

Spanning an impressive four decades, John’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2009, Tex took it upon himself to establish his own skateboard company, carrying forward the legacy right where it left off.

Accept no substitutes! At Embassy, we live by our principles, standing firm in what we believe. When you ride with us, you ride with pride!

Our mission statement is simple yet powerful: We aim to perpetuate the indomitable “SKATE TUFF” spirit that defines the Texas brand in skateboarding. Moreover, we strive to nurture fresh talent, forging a new chapter in skateboarding history for future generations to embrace. 

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