OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ Swamp Things Wheels Cereal Box Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverIn the 1980s, Santa Cruz released OJ wheels, which became an instant sensation! OJ has since become synonymous with high-quality skate wheels, and their current offerings continue to live up to that reputation. With an understanding of the diverse needs of both modern and traditional skaters, OJ produces wheels in a wide variety of styles.

OJ’s wheels not only appeal to older skaters looking to relive their youth, but also to anyone seeking a smooth ride on an impressive-looking wheel. OJ’s rich history in skateboarding inspires them to continue perfecting their urethane formula, supporting a talented team, and keeping skaters cruising in style.

Whether you prefer Swamp Berries or Thunder Juice, OJ’s smooth urethane wheels will make your ride an enjoyable one. Don’t hesitate to try them out – it’s sure to pay off!


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