Skate Shop Day

Antihero Skateboards GrimpleStix Canada VancouverSkate Shop Day, established in 2020 by Scotty Coats and Chris Nieratko, stands as an annual celebration that resonates deeply within the skateboarding community. Inspired by the success and spirit of Record Shop Day, this initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the pivotal role played by independent skate shops worldwide.

More than just a skate event, Skate Shop Day serves as a rallying cry for skateboarders to come together and support their local establishments. These shops aren’t merely retail spaces; they’re vibrant hubs of community and culture, where skaters of all ages and backgrounds converge to share their passion for the culture. It’s a place where newcomers find mentors, where friendships are forged, and where the love for skateboarding is nurtured and celebrated.

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