Abec 11

Abec 11 70’s Flashbacks 70mm 81a Green


The Abec 11 Green Flashbacks takes the already slide crazy wheel and pours it with speedy Green Thane!

These bad boys just slide – easy transitions, effortless slides, and buttery smooth flavor. Hurry up a pick up a set and enjoy those fat green thane lines, before they’re gone.

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Abec 11 Amber Thane Erniez 65mm 81a Yellow Skateboard Longboard Wheels Canada Pickup Vancouver

Abec 11 Green Thane 70's flashback 70mm 81a Longboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverAbec 11 Green Thane 70's flashback 70mm 81a Longboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverABEC 11 70’s Flashbacks poured with Amber Thane!

These wheels are extremely smooth, ride fast, and slide better even on rough surfaces.

The Flashbacks are notorious for initiating slides easily and holding slides longer.

Incredibly fun at speed, these wheels slide buttery smooth and leave fat green lines behind.

You can mark your territory and show off to your friends those 100 foot switch toes you’ve been working on.

Even though these wheels have a sharp lip, that won’t stop them from providing you with super predictable and consistent slide.

These are a limited edition from Abec 11. Make sure to pick up a set yourself and enjoy the buttery slides before they run out!


  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Durometer: 81a  
  • Width: 48mm 
  • Contact Patch: 43mm 
  • Side Set Core
  • Green thane
  • Consistent smooth slides
  • Leave thane lines everywhere
  • Suggested use: freeride, dh, cruising
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Product Review for the Abec 11, limited edition “Amber Flashback” wheels.


Abec 11

ABEC-11-HEADER-MIKEAbec 11 was born out of a desire to develop high performance products for skateboarders. By using state of the art technology and high quality urethane, Abec 11 is able to deliver superior products at a reasonable cost for skaters. Quote: "The worlds best wheels, made in the USA!"
Abec 11

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm
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