ARITZ-ARANBURU-30.5 Yow Surfskate City Canada Pickup Boarder.Labs Vancouver



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YOW Aritz Aranburu SurfSkate 9.75" x 30.5" Complete Yellow $389.00
Powell Peralta Quad Stringer Birch Sidewalk Surfer Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Powell Peralta Quad Stringer Birch Sidewalk Surfer Complete 8.37" x 28.20" Wood Grain $129.95

Antihero Team Copier Eagle Complete 32″ X 8″ RED


Grab yourself the Antihero Team Copier Eagle complete! The 8″ deck width is a good all-rounder that supports you the best for play in all disciplines of skateboarding. The medium concave board gives you well balanced board control paired with a comfortable stance.

Plus, Medium sized 53mm 95a wheels are great for all-around use and comfortable cruising.

In stock

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Antihero Grimple Stix Canada Pickup VancouverAntihero Team Complete Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Antihero Team Copier Eagle is perfect complete for the discerning skater looking a great quality board at an excellent price. This Antihero Copier Team 8″ skateboard comes with carefully selected high-quality components and is one of the best premade completes. Being already fully assembled with all the right parts, this complete board is totally ready to ride right out of the box! 

The medium Concave deck is perfect for riders looking for smooth and seamless pop on their flip tricks, while still having enough concave to lock in for some bowl action. And, the classic Eagle design is spiced up with it’s red colourway. 


  • L: 32″ W: 8″
  • Wheelbase: 14″ 
  • Classic Eagle DesignAntihero Banner Header 1170 IN Black White Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Warehouse Distributor

Antihero skateboarders present to you the “Arbitrary Functions” of yesterday, today! Marking the finalization of the never ending search for stoke in our “Implosionistic Tendancy” saga, Enjoy….



Buy Antihero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupFounded in 1995 by Julien Stranger, Antihero Skateboards came to be from a proposition from none other than Jim Thiebaud. Jim felt that during a time that skateboarding felt stale that Stranger's original concepts would be a breath of fresh air.
Decades later we say, hell yeah it was. Antihero is the twisted reflection in which Julien sees things, no expectations and just skating.
Antihero has had many heavy hitters on their skate team as well as amazing collaborations. Both Neil Blender and Lance Mountain have been part of the Anti-squad. Not to mention that Cardiel fellow also rips for them. PS stix construction so you know its good! Decades in design, decades in construction.

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