Bullet Speedwheels Reissue 66mm 95a White


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Bullet Speedwheels Reissue 66mm 95a White


The Bullet Speedwheels are totally a blast from the past with an 80’s original shape!

Released as a worldwide limited edition, these Bullet wheels are back for you to enjoy! These radical reissue from Bullet come in the OG size and shape of 66mm 95a. These Bullet Speedwheels are a classic reissue!

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Bullet Speedwheels Reissue Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Bullet Speedwheels reissue are a blast from the past! Made in NHS USA factory as a limited edition release, make sure you snag yours before they’re sold out!

These radical reissue wheels from Bullet, come in the original size and shape of 66mm and 95a. Overall, they are perfect to set up on a retro board!

These are an iconic wheel that more skaters than you can count religiously rode through out the 80’s and early 90’s. These Speedwheels are a classic reissue of the original. Old school white color, OG shape, and true high performance that you would expect from this wheel.


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Bullet Skateboard Trucks

Bullet Skateboard Santa Cruz Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver Bullet started as a safety gear company but has since moved into the world of trucks and other accessories. Keeping their products classy with solid colours and no graphics, Bullet likes to go for the clean minimalist look.
Bullet trucks have high-grade axles that won’t bend or slip. Their trucks allow for an amazing smooth ride, every time!
They pride themselves on making high quality gear at an affordable price. Which is perfect for anyone who wants to skateboard but doesn't want to shell out the funds for the top of the line trucks and gear.
Bullet Skateboard Trucks

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 5 cm

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