Caliber II Trucks Smoke Satin 184MM 50°


The Caliber II Trucks are coming in hot and feature a brand new smoke satin color!

The Caliber II Trucks are designed to push your riding to the next level. These 184mm, 50° trucks are designed to deliver the highest downhill / freeride performance possible. The new 50 degree baseplate has an updated bushing seat with a no-slip fit, and the Pivot has been re-designed for tighter tolerances with the updated chamfer.

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Buy Caliber II Trucks Smoke Satin 184MM 50° Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Caliber II Trucks Smoke Satin are here and are bringing their good looks to the party!

The Caliber II Trucks now feature a brand new satin makeover and a ton of new improved upgrades to the geometry of the truck. Improving on perfection, the Caliber II trucks have a variety of upgrades. Now featuring a better bushing seat, increased tolerance and strength. As a result, these upgrades provide you with the best performance possible in a cast truck.

The Fifty Degree Caliber II trucks are stable at high speeds, while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The hanger is not only reversible, but when flipped there is no rake to throw off the ride. The bushing seats are symmetrical with an optimal setup for any style of bushing. The pivot of the baseplate is self contained keeping it from having any weakness. The Blood Orange Bushings at an 89a durometer make for an ideal responsiveness. 


  • 50° Degree baseplate
  • Satin finish
  • 184MM (10”) Hanger
  • 89a Blood Orange Bushings
  • Barrel-Cone combo
  • Grade 8 steel kingpin
  • Designed for stability
  • Hard carves at speed
  • Speedrings included!

What happens when you take a one man media machine and send him on vacation? He makes a video of course. We didn’t even ask him to. Tom is the face behind the screen, lens, and the wheel and his hard work is responsible for making us look much bigger than we really are. Not only does he produce some of the best media in the game, he absolutely rips. Buckle up and watch this boy fly, then go grab some turns with your friends. Caliber II Trucks are here with a bang. Featuring an all brand new Satin color for their trucks. In addition to the stylish colors, there has been major improvements. As a result of these improvements, everything has been designed to provide maximum precision. As a result, can’t get enough of Caliber Trucks? You can consequently check out all the trucks and the accessories they have to offer here: CALIBER TRUCKS



Caliber III Trucks Canada pickup VancouverThe Caliber III Trucks are designed to push your riding to the next level. These Caliber trucks are designed to deliver the highest downhill / freeride performance possible. Elevate your riding to new heights with these high performance cast trucks.
Caliber Trucks has set a standard for longboard trucks across the globe.  Caliber Truck Co. is dedicated to creating the highest-quality trucks on the market. A minimalist mentality to the design of their trucks, giving you everything you want and nothing more.
Caliber Trucks are designed to give you the best performance possible in a cast truck. With years of research and development by some of the best skaters in the world, you can rest assured that these trucks are the best they can be.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 3 cm
Axle Width