Cliche 101 Garbriel Rodriguez Driller Killer Reissue 8.9” x 32.2”



Cliche 101 Garbriel Rodriguez Driller Killer Reissue 8.9” x 32.2”


Feast your eyes upon this sweet 101 reissue! The Driller Killer is a sick skate right out of the early 90s. Before boards were thin little toothpicks we had these burly more oval shaped sticks!

Cliche is made by DSM. All decks under the Dwindle Distribution branch get the high quality manufacturing standards. Pro rider shape input, single deck presses, quality materials and adhesives. They have it down to a science, so all you have to worry about is the skating.

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buy Cliche 101 Driller Killer Reissue 8.9'' x 32.2 Vancouver Local pick up Online shopping Canadabuy Cliche 101 Driller Killer Reissue 8.9'' x 32.2 and OG Vancouver local pick up online shopping CanadaRemember the days before popsicle sticks? This 101 Driller Killer reissue is an excellent example of the time when boards were more oval in shape and still had a nice wide width.

This board is very close to an original in shape, there has been no huge changes to it. The graphic as you can tell in our comparison picture is slightly different.

This 101 series of decks has been done with Cliche skateboards. They are part of a heritage series that pays amazing tribute to those impossible to find early 90s skateboards.

Each deck has new school truck hole mounting, so no need to dig out those old 80s and 90s trucks!

Cliche Boards are manufactured by Dwindle. They receive the great DSM manufacturing standards. Single deck presses, great glues and 7 fantastic plies.

Dwindle is a company that has been around for over 2 decades and houses a ton of great skaters, including Ryan Decenzo, Rodney Mullen and many more.


  • Garbriel Rodriguez
  • Width 8.9”
  • Length 32.2”
  • Heat Transfer graphic
  • New school holes
  • OG not included
  • More Reissues here

Gabriel Rodriguez`s section from Chocolate`s 1995 release “Las Nueve Vidas De Paco”.



101 Skateboards Heritage Canada online Sales Pickup VancouverIn 1991 fellow pro skater Steve Rocco, who founded World Industries skateboards, approached Natas Kaupas about starting his own brand. Kaupas left SMA and began 101 Skateboards. 101 was known for its influential videos in the early 90's.
During the 6 to 7 years that 101 Skateboards was around, the team was comprised of heavy hitters including Natas, Gabriel Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Adam McNatt, Clyde Singleton, Gino Iannucci, Jason Dill, Kris Markovich, Andy Stone, Leigh Peterson, and Marcus McBride.
The Heritage Reissues pay homage to the original iconic 101 boards that are a must have for any skateboard collector.





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