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Girl X Sanrio Hello Kitty - Carroll Woodland Wonder Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup
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Girl X Sanrio Hello Kitty - Carroll Woodland Wonder Deck 8" X 31.87" Red $119.95
Girl Skateboard Company

Girl X Sanrio Kuromi – Geering Woodland Wonder Deck 8.5″ X 32″ Red


We are proud to introduce you to the Girl X Sanrio Woodland Wonder collaboration series!

What’s better than good company, fresh flowers, and a fun frolic in the wooded fields? Sanrio x GIRL team up for another fun ride amidst the Woodland Wonder. Whether you practice your kickflip or use the deck as a part of a display, this collection features colorful graphics and playful designs you’ve come to expect from this winning collab. As a result, the signature deck shape features a round nose and tail, straight rail. It’s a totally versatile and suitable for street, pool, park and vert. 

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Girl X Sanrio Woodland Wondering Decks Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Girl Kitty Deck Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsGirl X Sanrio Geering Woodland Wondering Decks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupEnjoy a stroll and get your hands on this brand new Girl X Sanrio Breana Geering Woodland Wonder Deck!

This deck has a well designed ergonomic concave for a solid underfoot feel that’ll have you locked in nicely on any obstacle. Thanks to the G008 shape features a round nose and tail, straight rail. The go-to 8″ shape since 2000. The moderately pitched kick tails make popping easier for working on those flip tricks or ollies. 

Set this new deck up and get ready for crisp pop. This professional quality Girl skateboard deck measures 8″ x 31.87″ and will satisfy the needs of skaters of any skill level. It’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for your favorite skate spots.

Kickflip your way into a skate session with the brand new skate decks from Girl! This is an exclusive Woodland Wonder collection which pairs your favorite Girl riders with classic Sanrio characters. 


  • Deck width: 8.5″ Deck length: 32″
  • WB: 14.25″ Nose: 6.9″ / Tail: 6.6″
  • Woodland Wonder collection!

Girl X Sanrio Woodland Wondering Decks Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Just a normal day at the Avocado Heights skatepark with Vincent Alvarez, Rick McCrank, Tyler Pacheco, Simon Bannerot, Rick Howard, and Mike Carroll.. Plus a few friends that met up for the session. Lakai and Girl have once again partnered with the wonderful world of Hello Sanrio to bring you limited edition releases of the Lakai Camby, Girl Skateboards pro models, and full line of cobranded apparel.


Girl Skateboard Company

Girl Skateboards for Sale Canada - Hello Kitty Girl Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverGirl Skateboards is a Torrance, CA based skateboarding distribution company that was started in August 1993. Girl Skateboards was created by pro skaters and masterminds Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze.
Their logo was inspired by the brand name itself – Girl; keeping it simple the brand ended up with a similar icon to the symbol on women’s bathrooms.
Based in Torrance, California, Girl has been offering incredible skateboard equipment and apparel for over twenty years. 
Girl Skateboard Company

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 8 cm
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